Buying a Camelbak kids water bottle means using a very unique lid, the bite valve. Originally designed for the Camelbak hydration packs, around a decade ago now, Camelbak started creating a series of water bottles using the same technology.

Camelbak Eddy Kids Bite Valve is unique

The Camelbak Eddy range are the water bottles with the drinking straw and the bite valve. Originally the bite valves in the adult and the kids bottles were the same. Camelbak soon discovered that children like to chew them, and since the are put on and removed from the top, it was actually possible to chew the silicone bite valve and swallow it, or even worse, choke on it. Very quickly, Camelbak redesigned the Camelbak kids water bottle to have a bite valve that feeds in from underneath the lid.

camelbak kids water bottle replacement bite valves

The adult bite valves look like this (below) and above are the kids bite valves. The adult bite valve just gets placed on top of the lid, the kids one is fed through from underneath and you can only remove the kids bite valve from a Camelbak kids water bottle by removing the lid and doing it from underneath.

Camelbak Eddy Bite Valve for adults

What is the Camelbak Kids Water Bottle made from?

The Camelbak Eddy Kids bottles are available in 2 different materials - stainless steel and Tritan Eastman. The Tritan Eastman plastic is one of the first to be made BPA Free back when we first started our store. It's thick, tough and lightweight and was the first real BPA free substitute for polycarbonate plastic, which is what baby bottles used to be made from.

The Tritan is now Tritan Renew which is 50% recycled materials. In years gone by, a double wall insulated Tritan version of this Camelbak kids water bottle was also available but in 2024 they have not released any. We still have a couple in one design left over from the 2023 stock. They don't provide much insulation at all, but they stop the sweating when you have ice water inside.

The stainless steel version of the Camelbak kids water bottle is an insulated water bottle made from 2 layers of stainless steel with a vacuum insulation. It will keep your kids water cool for up to 10 hours. For best results, put some ice cubes in the bottle or add chilled water when you fill it up.

Is the Camelbak Kids Water Bottle lid leakproof?

It's really close. There's a difference between a lid being leakproof and a lid being spillproof. We love the spillproof features of this lid.

In the closed position, when the straw is down, you 'might' get a couple of drops of water out of this lid, but it's highly unlikely. Technically it's not leakproof like a screw lid is. When a lid is spillproof, it means when the bottle is tipped over or upside down, water won't come gushing out of it. It's like a sippy bottle for toddlers, but in a more grown up style. It's the way the bite valve works, which we'll explain next for you.

How does the bite valve on the Camelbak kids water bottle work?

In the open position, the silicone bite valve is still 'closed'. When you bite or squeeze the bite valve, there's a little slit on the end that opens up. You bite and suck at the same time and water comes out. When you let go of the bite, the flow stops.

Where this really comes in handy is in the back seat of a car, around computer equipment and also for some disabled people. Why? These are all scenarios where tipping a bottle over can be more common than normal, and when it happens, water doesn't go everywhere.

Can I put the Chute lid on the Camelbak kids water bottle?

Yes you can. All the Camelbak Eddy bottles from the 400ml kids through to the 1.5 litre in the Chute range all share the same thread. The lids between the Chute series and the Eddy series are interchangable between those bottles. If you have an original Eddy bottle (which was called the Better Bottle) from around a decade ago, it's still the same thread. You can update your lid.