Reusable Straws made from Stainless Steel, Glass & Silicone

With estimates of up to 10 million single use straws being used a day in Australia, regardless of how accurate that number is, it's certainly an unnecessary waste even if the number is only 1/10th of that. There are many reasons why people either choose to drink from straws or need to drink from straws, so we have a wide range of reusable straws available from durable metal through to thrifty bamboo and ultra clean glass.

Stainless Steel Straws are durable and recyclable and should last a lifetime. Check out the metal straws from Cheeki with rounded safety tips and Klean Kanteen with silicone tips for safer drinking for little ones and the disabled.
Bamboo Straws are budget friendly, come from a low water / high yield crop and require very little manufacturing. They are biodegradable at end of life.
Silicone Straws are the softest and safest option for young children. They're bendy and difficult to damage unless they're chewed.


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