The Abode Laundry Soaker comes in to different versions. Formulated by Naturopath, author of Healthy Home, Healthy Family and head of a building biology school Nicole Bijlsma, Abode Cleaning Products are the most affordable, natural and safe natural cleaning products made in Australia. They're our #1 seller and when we order in stock, it arrives by the tonne. Literally. This was true in 2016 when we wrote the first version of this blog post and it's still true in 2019.

In 2016, the range expanded and one of the new products was the Abode Laundry Soaker. It's available in two versions and two sizes - the original 1kg and a bulk 5kg version. Having a selection of our natural cleaning products available in bulk buy buckets makes them cheaper per kilo than their chemically laden and artificially scented counterparts from the supermarket. If you're chemically sensitive like I am, it's that aisle you can't walk down without blocking your nose and dashing like Usain Bolt from one end to the other.

Which Abode Laundry Soaker is right for you?

  1. High Performance - using algae-based biodegradable enzymes
  2. Sensitive - swaps the enzymes for the addition of sodium lactate

The Abode Laundry Soaker is available in two formulas, and both of them are made to be unscented. In the laundry liquids, fabric softeners, dish liquids and more, there's an unscented version and then one that uses pure essential oils for a natural fragrance. The soakers are both free from any form of essential oils. Since it's usually used alongside something else that's probably already scented with something, there's no doubling up or scents that won't go together.

There is a distinct difference  in the two formulas though, which is the addition of a natural active ingredient in their High Performance soaker. The soaker is a chemical free alternative to bleach and is used to not only remove stains and brighten whites but also as an antibacterial soaker. Where commercial products will use optical brighteners to help achieve results, Abode achieve success by harnessing the power of food grade ingredients and algae-based biodegradable enzymes in their high performance powder. In the sensitive range, these enzymes are replaced with sodium lactate as the enzymes can be a skin irritant to those who are ultra-sensitive. Formulating for sensitive skin is always at the top of mind for Abode and I have been told that whenever stocks are low, it's the sensitive formulas that get made first.

The soakers are suitable for both front or top load machines as they are low sudsing. They are colour safe, non-chlorine based and greywater safe. Available in a 1kg or 5kg size in the High Performance and also a Sensitive range.

Abode Laundry Soaker makes the ideal carpet cleaner

This isn't listed on the label or detailed anywhere, but I had a discussion with the formulator of Abode, begging them to make me a natural carpet cleaner that can be used by commercial carpet cleaners. If you have your carpets WASHED as opposed to dry cleaned, they make the wash up with a powder. Finding someone who uses a natural one is next to impossible and I have had severe respiratory reactions (breathing issues, painful sinus) to unscented 'safe' cleaners that they use in schools and hospitals.

Because the Abode Laundry Soaker is low sudsing, it is suitable to be used in a commercial carpet cleaning machine. Of course, it's up to each vendor to decide if they will put it through their machines, but it is suitable.

Originally posted in Feb 2016, this post has been updated with new information in May 2019