In April 2023, La Mav introduced the new LA MAV body care range to their store. The original Vitamin C hand cream has been joined by three Ayurvedic body oils and a garshana dry body brush that fits in the palm of your hand.

What is Ayurveda / Ayurvedic Medicine?

The principles of Ayurvedic medicine date back over 3,000 years and translates to the knowledge of life, or the science of life. It originated in India and is still used today in the foundations of creating products with healing properties including food, skin care and body care including the tongue scraper.

There are three doshas in Ayurveda, vatha, pitha and kaptha. In this ancient healing medicine, it's believed that everyone fits one of these three doshas, which is determined on a persons characteristics, including physical, emotional, mental and behavioural. Depending on which dosha fits you, you're more suited to specific activities and remedies for healing.

What sets the La Mav body oils apart from the rest of the market?

Each of the body oil formulas in the La Mav Body range are made using traditional Ayurvedic methods. Whole herbs are used to ensure the maximum nutrient intake and the carrier oils used have been specifically chosen to protect the integrity of the herbal ingredients. The benefits of the herbs are retained when using these methods. Blending of the oils is done by hand in small batches.

Why is a body oil better than a body lotion?

Body oils can penetrate deeper in to the skin than a body lotion. It makes them the perfect choice to use in winter when skin is dryer and needs the extra moisture with a burst of nutrients from the infused herbs and the carefully hand selected essential oils in the formula.

What are the three body oils in the La Mav Body range?


If you're feeling dull or sluggish, UPLIFT will help to boost your mood and re-energize you. The essential oils used in this body oil are blue tansy, ylang ylang and jasmine.


Feel tension melt away. This is a great one to use at the end of the day as a part of an evening ritual. The essential oils used in this blend are lavender, chamomile and neroli.


Clear your mind and enhance your focus. The essential oils of sandalwood, marjoram and cedarwood are often used in meditation to help develop a sense of serenity and balance emotions.

How do you use the La Mav body oils?

All the body oils in the La Mav Body range help to replenish dry skin and can replace a moisturiser. They are suitable to use daily if you choose to. They are scented well enough that they can be used as natural perfume oils and can be used in a daily Abhyanga massage (it's a self massage technique using warm oils).

For a moisturiser replacement, warm up a small amount of oil in the palm of your hands and apply to slightly damp skin, so freshly out of the shower is the perfect time for application. Massage in to the skin until the oil is absorbed.

When used in an Abhyanaga massage, sit the bottle in a bowl of hot water to heat the oil to allow it to warm up. Start at the top of the head and massage the oil in to the scalp gently in a clockwise motion. Next start at the extremities of both your arms and legs by using long firm strokes with an open hand on your hands and your feet. Do the arms & legs next with firm up / down strokes, but switching to a circular motion when you reach the knees and elbow joints. On the stomach, circular clockwise motions are used to help digestion, the chest is done with upward strokes from the chest up to the neck. Reach around to your lower back and use downward strokes towards the hips. If time allows, give yourself 20 minutes for the ritual if you can and allow the oils to penetrate the skin well before showering.

Over time, with regular daily use, scarring and sun damage on the skin will show signs of improvement and your overall complexion.

Garshana Dry Body Brush

The main benefits of dry body brushing are a product free body exfoliant, to boost circulation and assist with lymphatic drainage. Start off with gentle pressure until you get used to the feel. The handle is made from bamboo and the bristles are sisal, making it 100% natural and biodegradable at end of life. Wash the bristles regularly with your natural shampoo or body wash or use a spray of diluted tea tree essential oils. Leave out in the sun to dry. The brush should be washed and dried a couple of times a month.

Vitamin C Hand Cream

This hand cream gives your hands a powerful antioxidant shield and gives instant hydration and contains actives to help repair damaged skin. Like the La Mav skin care for the face, the hand cream has bio-actives that protect from external stressors and aging from light damage. It locks in moisture better than a body lotion because it's a richer formula and will soften cuticles when massaged in to the nails.

It's a fast absorbing blend so you can apply and get on with your day without your hands being greasy. It contains CoEnzyme Q10 to help reduce the signs of aging, hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, vitamin C to brighten the skin and to boost collagen production and licorice root extract for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Apply as often as you need to hands and other areas of the body that need a more nourishing balm, including elbows and cuticles.