In the beginning...

When natural dental floss first came in to the market, the core concerns were the inclusion of teflon and other lab derived lubricants that contained potentially toxic PFC's. Thus, an industry was born where dental floss was being waxed naturally.

Dr Tung's Smart Floss is made from a synthetic fibre that stretches and expands. It is also waxed naturally. There's no doubt that this is a popular and high performing floss, but it is still packed in plastic (the dispenser is biodegradable though).

This floss ticks the first box for many people - the coating of the floss. There is no longer any issue with teflon or potentially toxic PFC's, but it is still a synthetic fibre and it's packed in plastic. Depending on where you are in your own health or eco journey, this product may be just what you need, or it may not quite go far enough.

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"Lets do something about the floss packaging too"

Australian brand, Noosa Basics (known originally for their natural deodorant), branched out in to dental floss. They made 2 improvements to what was on the market - the outer packaging and the fibre, while keeping their product vegan friendly.

You will notice there is no outer plastic packaging here. What you see is what you get. The outer cardboard box IS the packaging that houses the floss. Inside, there's a small plastic spindle that the floss is wrapped around, and that's it for the packaging.

The floss is made from a combination of bamboo fibre and polyester. It is then infused locally with candellia wax, activated charcoal, coconut oil and a blend of essential oils. So while this is not a 100% waste free solution, it's a giant eco step forward while remaining vegan.

"And now, 100% plastic free and biodegradable"

We do have a plastic free option - refillable too. The floss fibre is 100% natural and biodegradable, but it is not vegan, as it is made from silk. There is no 100% natural vegan floss on the market. The day there is, we will stock it, but no-one has made a 100% natural vegan floss fibre to date.

Dental Lace is packed in a glass jar with a stainless steel lid. There's a 30m 100% silk spool inside, coated with candellia wax and flavoured with a natural mint flavour. It's a nice strong scent. You get an extra spool with your pack (so it's 60m in total) and the extra spool is packed in what looks like a plastic bag, but it's not, it's a plant based plastic that breaks down completely.

When you're done with your 60m, keep the glass jar and just keep buying refills. It will suit all eco warriors except for those who are vegan. The silk used to make this floss is a discarded by-product of the food industry in the 'nose to tail' tradition of ensuring there's no waste.

If you're vegan, we do understand this option is not for you. The Noosa Basics will be your best option, but the strands of the Noosa Basics floss do need to be put in the rubbish when you're done, it's partially polyester.

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