One of the most popular series of essential oils in the range from Eco Aroma is the Clarity & Focus series. It is just one of many options we have for essential oils for focus and clarity.

The essential oil blend is available to buy three ways - as an undiluted 10ml blend in a bottle, as a diluted roller ball for direct topical application and in a 3 pack along with two pure essential oils with a massive saving. This 3 pack is one of the most popular sets in the range.

Eco Aroma Clarity & Focus

Eco Aroma Clarity & Focus essential oil blend

The centrepiece of this range, the clarity & focus blend is a blend of refreshing essential oils. Clarity & focus is best diffused anywhere where you need a lift or a boost in focus or energy. They are fresh and uplifting aromas when blended together.

A delicate balance of rosemary, floral and citrus, it uses a balance of sweet and bitter orange essential oils with lavender and ylang ylang. While lavender is normally an essential oil to use to help you relax or drift off to sleep, when blended with the citrus, it provides that gentle calming benefit without being too over the top. The main feature of the blend is rosemary, whose main benefits include increasing mental focus and concentration. It is also reported to help reduce stress, as does lavender. When study and work becomes too much, that gentle combo of 'destress and freshness' is a great aroma to have around.

The best way to make use of this is in an aroma diffuser. Please remember, essential oils should not be diffused all day every day. Just do it for an hour or two and then take a break. Your lungs do not want to inhale this all the time. This is a great option to pop on to our aromatherapy car diffusers that sit in the air vent in your car.

Eco Aroma Roll On Clarity & Focus

For those who want to wear it on the skin as a perfume, Eco Modern Essentials make this in a diluted roller ball. It's not safe to put straight essential oils on to your skin, but you can do it once diluted with a carrier oil. The roller ball gets the balance between essential oil and carrier oil perfect for you in a convenient roller ball. You can certainly make your own if you wish. Please be aware that citrus essential oils can make you sensitive to sunlight, so please don't spend time out in the sun and expose the skin you placed this on for 12 hours after application. If you need to go out in the sun, pop it in an aroma locket or put it on your clothing and not on your skin.

Eco Aroma Pack Clarity & Focus

The set contains the blend we have talked about already in the 10ml undiluted form ready for diffusing. It also comes with pure essential oils of lime and peppermint. These are two food scents that you will be familiar with already.  Lime is one of the most aromatically potent of the citrus oils and is highly phototoxic, so please, do not apply to the skin and go out in the sun. Peppermint is both a stimulating and a cooling essential oil, used in foot creams for cooling, natural fluoride free toothpaste for being refreshing and aromatically, it can assist in relaxing muscles that cause tension headaches. It's the most intense of the mint oils.

The set has a combined value of $48 and is on sale every day for $32, effectively giving you your blend for free.

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