UPDATE: this product is no longer sold at Shop Naturally. Vibrators have become mainstream and are available in many stores that don't only sell sex toys. We are no longer selling anything in this category but we were proud to be one of the first stores in Australia to do so.

Before reading any further, this blog post is about a vibrator. We discuss the medical merits of using this vibrator along with a link to Harvard Health. If you don't feel this is right for you, please close this window and stop reading.

There is no doubt that we are living in very different times right now. At the time of writing this post, Victoria is in its second lockdown, and mental health is an issue that has touched everyone in some way. Stress, trouble sleeping, worrying about the future, it's front and centre for so many more people than normal. Most of us are going without things, and for many, human contact and that rush of feel-good hormones from intimacy is one of them.

Self care is more important than ever. For many women, a chocolately treat is at the top of the list, for others, an at home facial or hair colour. For an increasingly larger number of our own customers, the hormone rush from having an orgasm is in their shopping cart too along with a refill on deodorant and shampoo. From one quick post on Facebook this week declaring that our Ava by Downunder vibrator was back in stock, we have seen the biggest rush on this product in the history of our store, paired with water based lubricant.

There is a wealth of well researched medical information online about the hormones released in the body during orgasm. From the release of dopamine and oxytocin which can reduce stress, to the raising of DHEA levels which are linked to memory and brain function, one of the added benefits can also be the movement of cortisol through the system to make you relaxed and sleepy. For those who are stressed, mind going a million miles and just can't get to sleep, sometimes that aroma diffuser packed with lavender essential oil or that magnesium oil you sprayed on your feet just doesn't cut it. An orgasm, whether it's solo or shared with a partner, can be just what you need, and sometimes, what the doctor ordered. We have had more than one doctor write to us in private who have referred their patients to us to buy a vibrator in a setting that treats the topic of masturbation with respect and discretion.

For those women who have hit perimenopause and menopause, there are benefits to sexual activity that you can discuss with your own doctor. There is a natural decrease in blood flow due to lower estrogen associated with menopause, and sexual activity helps to maintain a healthy vagina. (Read more at the Harvard Health website here)

Why we chose and support Ava By Downunder

We only stock one vibrator in store, Ava By Downunder.  We deranged our first brand after a series of poor reviews and Ava outperforms them significantly. Here's some key features that sets Ava apart from the competition.

Ava is designed by a woman, in Australia. Ava is also manufactured in Australia

Designed by JD Ryan with decades of experience in the sex toy industry, JD used her experience and expertise to design a toy for the modern Australian woman, and made sure she supported our local manufacturing industry at the same time

Ava's silicone section is completely removable for cleaning

The silicone sleeve on Ava can be removed completely and sterilised in the same way you clean your menstrual cup each month

No batteries

Ava does not use disposable batteries. Ava is USB rechargable with a charge time and run time of approx 2 hours.

No plastic blister packaging

Ava comes packed in a beautiful and discreet black magnet closure box with the words DOWNUNDER embossed. There's no 'throw away' packaging. The packaging is the storage box you will keep Ava in between uses.

Ergonomic design and easy to use by those with mobility issues

Sexual pleasure isn't the exclusive domain of the young person. One age group in mind when designing Ava was the older woman who struggles with hand mobility. The handle sits firmly between the 2nd and 3rd fingers without having to grip firmly to hold it. If you're right handed, the on/off and intensity button is exactly where your thumb naturally sits.

The shape allows for both internal and external use with varying levels of intensity

Ava has three different levels, which varying intensity at the rounded end vs the opposite end vs the silicone bumps in the middle. The rounded end holds more intensity than most will ever need at the highest setting and can be used both internally and externally