Walk in to any family bathroom in Australia and you're bound to find a big bottle of sorbolene cream as the family body lotion. W stock a natural sorbolene cream alternative as the commercial sorbolene creams use mineral oil as a core ingredient. The natural alternative to sorbolene cream is Vegesorb, which uses almond and apricot oils as their core ingredient instead.

Vegesorb and sorbolene creams are much more than a body lotion. Here's6 other things you can do with Vegesorb or sorbolene cream that you may not have known.

  1. Vegesorb as after sun care
  2. Vegesorb as a body wash / soap alternative
  3. Vegesorb as shaving cream and after shave treatment
  4. Vegesorb as makeup remover
  5. Vegesorb as foot lotion
  6. Vegesorb as a clipper burn or rash treatment

1. Can you use our natural sorbolene cream for after sun care?

Yes. When you're out in the sun, applying sunscreen is important if you're out for longer than 20 minutes in the heat of the day (10am to 2pm or 11am to 3pm in daylight savings). If you don't have one with you or you don't reapply often enough or you're just out all day and you get sunburnt, nourishing your skin immediately is a must.
The go-to product for after sun care is always an aloe vera based gel, but not everyone has one at home. If you have sorbolene cream or better still, the natural alternative, Vegesorb, have a cool shower and then apply a generous amount of Vegesorb and gently rub it in. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day for up to 2 days.

2. Can you use our natural sorbolene cream as a body wash / soap alternative?

Yes. In the same way you'll find cream cleansers in our natural skin care range, this sorbolene cream alternative can be used as a body wash. Whether it's eczema, psoriasis or any other condition that causes soap to irritate the skin, Vegesorb can be a gentle alternative to liquid body washes or soap.

Mix a 50/50 solution of half vegesorb and half water and use as you would a liquid body wash. We don't recommend doing this in bulk in a pump pack because the preservative in Vegesorb was never formulated for this much water over an extended period of time. If you're in the shower, simply place a squirt in your hands around the size of a 5 to 10c piece and then add a little water and mix with your hand before washing.

3. Can you use natural sorbolene cream as a shaving cream and after shave treatment?

Yes. Don't have a shaving cream with you while you're travelling or are you just sensitive to those aerosol foams from the supermarket? Vegesorb serves a dual purpose when shaving, whether it's the face, legs or your pits. Apply a generous amount to the area you're about to shave. Instead of rubbing it in like a moisturiser, just spread it over the skin and then shave.

As well as helping your razor glide smoothly, the ingredients in Vegesorb will provide instant relief from any nicks or cuts you may experience while shaving. After shaving, apply the cream and rub in as an after shave treatment and moisturiser.

4. Can you use natural sorbolene cream as a makeup remover?

Tip #2 told us that you can use Vegesorb as a body wash with a 50/50 dilution ratio. For a natural makeup remover, just add enough water to loosen up the cream and apply to damp skin, work in a circular motion and rinse off with tepid water. Use one of our makeup remover wipes from The Happy Sparrow to make the job easier. The velour side should be used when removing eye makeup like mascara.

The Happy Sparrow makeup remover pad front and rear

5. Can you use natural sorbolene cream as a foot lotion?

There are two distinct differences between a general body lotion and a foot lotion, but they are subtle and won't stop you from using Vegesorb as a foot lotion. If you moisturise your feet on a regular basis, a body lotion will usually do the trick regardless. When using Vegesorb as a foot cream, be generous, do it at bedtime and allow it to really sink in overnight.

If using it during the day or at the end of a long day on your feet, peppermint essential oil is commonly an ingredient found in foot lotion. It's cooling oil that can also be used to relax muscles, so it's perfect for hot, tired and aching feet. Place a generous amount of Vegesorb in to your hand or a small dish and add one drop of peppermint essential oil, mix well with a toothpick, small spatula or something else, being careful not to get the pure undiluted drop of oil directly on to your skin.

6. Can you use natural sorbolene cream to treat clipper burn or rash?

Regardless of whether it's a trip to the hairdresser or barber, or your dog has just come back from the groomer, if the skin is red or irritated after clipper use, apply a generous amount of Vegesorb and gently rub in and then allow it to absorb naturally.

Do not use on broken skin without seeking medical advice.