Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Like Klean Kanteen (who produced the first stainless steel water bottles), Schmidt's were one of the first companies in the USA to produce a natural deodorant paste and to start selling them commercially. Today, the brand is so large it's now owned by Unilever and is sold in mainstream outlets all over the globe. Desptie the new ownership, the product formula remains untouched and is still the same product you know and love.

Natural Deodorant Paste - while this was their first offiering, it's not their most popular product. We have kept two versions in store, the Bergamot and unscented.

Natural Deodorant Stick - is available in 2 formats - one that's powered with bi-carb soda and the Sensitive Range that uses magnesium oil in the form of magnesium hydroxide instead. Each type is made in a selection of different scents and an unscented version. These sticks are natural and while they wind up easily, they may not always wind back down. They can be left up when the lid is in place (there is plenty of room in the lid) or gently pushed back down wtih your finger for those times where they may not wind back again.


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