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Fresca Natural Deodorant - 50ml Roll-on - Valley Rose

Award winning, hard working natural deodorant. Aluminium & alcohol free.

Only 4 available



  • NO aluminium
  • NO alcohol
  • NO chemical preservatives
  • ..... and it works really well!

Fresca is a hard working, award winning roll-on deodorant that's handmade in Australia using food grade ingredients. The three core ingredients are purified water, vegetable gum and aerated salt. These are then combined with high quality essential oils to produce what we think is the hardest working aluminium free deodorant on the market.

Valley Rose is blended with certified 'Rose Otto' essential oil sourced from the famous Bulgarian Rose Valley. The most expensive oil in the world, it has been included in this formula for its romantic fragrance, unrivalled skin care and its balancing qualities for the female reproductive system.

Why do we only sell natural deodorant and not anti-perspirant?

An anti-perspirant is designed to clog the pores under your arms and prevent you from sweating. The body has vital lymph nodes at the armpits and the body is naturally designed to sweat to release toxins. Stopping this process is unnatural and experts are concerned it leads to a build up of toxins in the body.

By comparison, natural deodorant is designed to stop bacteria growth when sweat is released, as it's the bacteria that develops that smells. Out of all the natural deodorants we sell, this one is the hardest working. It does cost more than the rest, but this premium product really does work if you're in a situation where you sweat a lot but you refuse to compromise your health with an aluminium tained anti-perspirant.

Size - 50ml

Product Origin - Australia


INGREDIENTS - Purified water, aerated salt (saleratus), vegetable gum, essential oils of rose otto, geranium, chamomile and jasmine.

*Contains emmenogogue oils and is unsuitable for pregnancy.


Back when natural deodorant was new in Australia and no-one had any concept of whether they would even work, Fresca Natural was paving the way for countless other brands with their award winning product. Fresca uses a combination of aerated salt and essential oils to keep the bacteria that causes odour at bay. The citrus version is suitable for use during pregnancy.


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