UPDATE: we no longer stock this brand, but we have other zinc creams and zinc sticks available in store.

Sun & Earth is a natural zinc cream is thicker than mineral sunscreen and a throw back to years ago when it was tradition to have that smear of white zinc cream on your nose to stop you from getting burnt at the beach. It is a retro natural skin care product. Fast forward to today, and this natural zinc cream is made in small batches in Byron Bay from local and organic ingredients to offer the same protection in a more modern and natural formula.

4 reasons to use natural zinc in summer

#1 reason to use natural zinc in summer

Your skin will love it! The philosophy of the Sun & Earth brand is LOVE THE EARTH . LOVE THE SUN . LOVE THE OCEAN . LOVE YOUR SKIN and the product is sold as a tinted all day cream that your skin will love... It is for all outdoors lovers and is ocean, earth & people friendly.  Not only for use in summer, it is perfect on the ski fields too!

#2 reason to use natural zinc in summer

The zinc cream is full of all natural ingredients. It is made with 40% zinc oxide, beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, cacao powder and cacao butter.

The beeswax in the formula beads water off the skin in the surf and helps the zinc stick for hours in the surf. Since zinc is traditionally very drying to the skin, it is mixed with olive and coconut oils for moisture, cacao butter for consistency and cacao powder for a warm tan tint.

Zinc oxide is a known UV shield and has many known natural healing qualities on sensitive, inflamed or damaged skin.

The cream becomes a natural physical barrier for your skin, literally a shield for your skin in the harshest of elements. It is made from natural ingredients, no nasty preservatives or fillers and no nano particles. NOTE: This zinc cream is not TGA rated with and SPF rating as it is not made in the strict conditions that the TGA require. Other natural sunscreen in store has 22% zinc giving it an SPF rating of 30. The zinc cream has 40% zinc with no SPF rating.

#3 reason to use natural zinc in summer

It looks cool! Nothing makes you look more outdoorsy, fun and ready for any adventure that comes your way than a nose smeared with zinc cream!

Note, this zinc cream will not rub completely in. It will noticeably sit on your skin and form a physical barrier between you and the elements.  As a general rule should should re apply approx every 4 hours and if you can still see the cream - it is still working for you. At the end of the day when the sun has gone down, simply rub the cream further in to give your entire face a golden it's-been-a-fab-day glow.

Alternately keep some eco wipes in your beach bag for this purpose. We love the facial wipes from Wotnot, and they have a version for sensitive skin which we recommend. You'll need to use similar techniques and products to remove this as you would your natural makeup products.

Do you need something that rubs in?

If zinc cream isn't your thing but you need some TGA approved natural sunscreen, we have a large selection in store now. For the best coverage outside of a zinc cream, choose either an SPF30 or an SPF50 natural sunscreen and don't rub it all the way in. For the face, we love the added hydration you'll get from MotherSPF that's made with just 9 hydrating ingredients.