How heavy would your luggage be if you packed everything you use at home? We have pinpointed 5 natural travel beauty essentials to get you out of trouble. A powerhouse of essentials and multitaskers to cover almost every scenario. While there may be a 'product for everything' at home, there are times when you want to keep your natural beauty regime as simple as possible. Whether you're going on holidays for 2 weeks, jumping on a plane for an overnight flight with only hand luggage, or you're sleeping over at a friends house, sometimes you literally just want to grab a couple of essentials and be on your way without packing a whole beauty bag. Here's 5 products that will cover most of what you need.

Travel Beauty Essentials #1 - mascara

My first item on the list is not a multi-tasker, but when you're doing a minimalist makeup routine, your natural mascara is small and compact and easily packed anywhere. A lot of people say if they can't do a full face, mascara opens up the eyes. Mascara is not liquid so it doesn't count in your carry on luggage. Our favourite and absolute bestseller is the Natural Almond Oil Mascara from Ere Perez. It's smudgeproof and suitable for people with sensitive eyes. It is enriched with almond oil, beeswax and essential oils. There's just something about well defined lashes and a lick of lip tint that can set off any simple natural makeup routine and you can apply it in a dirty mirror at a petrol station toilet if you have to!

Travel Beauty Essentials #2 - a cheek & lip tint

The longer time goes on, traditional lipstick is losing favour and is being replaced with pencils and multi tasking colour pots. Cheek & lip tints are not only popular for travel but for every day use. Get full colour on your lips and blend on the cheeks for a hint of colour. Do it with the same pot and you match. It's the perfect way to get a natural 'no makeup look' while you're travelling. While you can do this with lipstick, depending on the brand, the consistency may not be quite right to get your cheek blending right, but experiment with what you already have in your own beauty bag. There's colour pots / cheek and lip tints in both the Inika and the Ere Perez range.

Travel Beauty Essentials #3 - jojoba oil

We're going to do quite a few things with this one. Use Jojoba Oil as your daily and nightly facial moisturiser. Emulsify it in some water and it's a face cleaner and eye makeup remover. Need an anti frizz serum? Tame frizzy hair by rubbing a little Jojoba Oil in to your hands and scrunch it through the top layers of your hair. Dry elbows? Cracked lips? Dry legs and arms? While it might feel a little wasteful to use Jojoba Oil over your body,  you're only away for one night.

Travel Beauty Essentials #4 - deodorant or hand sanitiser

We're going to let you pick here because hand sanitiser spray that's a liquid with a minimum of 60% alcohol in it can double as a natural deodorant. I wouldn't use it every day because it can be a little drying, but it will get you out of trouble for a day or two. If you're travelling and not able to wash your hands when you need to, then this is the product to take.
If you're going to be doing a lot of exercise and you can do without hand sanitiser then there's another multi-tasker you might want to consider. The Woohoo Deodorant Stick is also an anti chafe stick. Travelling to go hiking, on a walking tour or a fun run? The Woohoo deodorant sticks can be used in other areas that rub to stop chafing. Once your skin gets irritated, it can ruin a trip.

Travel Beauty Essentials #5 - a shampoo bar

Choose a good quality shampoo bar when you're travelling and you can wash your hair and your body with it. If it's a pH balanced bar and you only wash your hair with it once, you can probably get away without needing a conditioner. A touch of jojoba oil as a leave in moisturiser will get you by. Otherwise, you can choose Shampoo With A Purpose which are a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar.

So, in 5 simple products that fit in the palm of your hand, we have a basic lick of colour for your natural makeup covered (cheeks, lips, eyes) - your cleanser, moisturiser, body lotion, a slick of oil to condition or tame your hair in a bind, a way to keep your hands clean on the run and fix up stinky pits. Sure, you probably want to travel with more than that, but you can toss these in your handbag without overloading your airline liquid capacity for carry-on luggage, which is 100ml.

NOTE: this blog was originally posted in January 2016 but updated in 2023. We have updated the products we recommend but left the original group photograph in place for nostalgia