[ WARNING - toilet humour and puns enclosed ]

A few days ago, I stumbled upon Who Gives A Crap. At first glance, it's a funny name and pretty paper to make you giggle while you're sitting down pondering the universe. Take a closer look, and it's an organisation dedicated to donating 50% of it's profits to the charity Water Aid, who use the money to build toilets and sanitation facilities for those who don't have any.

2.5 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A TOILET - which is 40% of the global population

Wholly crap! I have officially bought my last roll of Sorbent toilet paper, my last roll of anything eco-friendly either. You can stick to our natural toilet cleaner for the eco and safe aspect, but a toilet paper swap is in order. This toilet paper is 3 ply, and as the packaging says, good for your bum, great for the world. It's 3-ply, quilted and just as soft as the roll of Sorbent I have in my bathroom.

Think it's too dear to give a crap? Think again.

When I was a kid, toilet rolls used to have 300 sheets on them. Today? It's less than 200. When did THAT happen? The double rolls have 400 sheets on them and are by far the best value.

who gives a crap

COMPARISON 1 - Who Gives A Crap 48 roll double length box vs Quilton 18 value pack from Big W

WGAC - $48 for 48 rolls (400 sheets per roll) = 0.0025c per sheet
Quilton - $8.50 for 18 rolls (190 sheets per roll) = 0.0025c per sheet

The price is EXACTLY THE SAME. No reason not to give a crap just yet.

COMPARISON 2 - Who Gives A Crap 48 roll double length box vs Sorbent 8 pack

WGAC - $48 for 48 rolls (400 sheets per roll) = 0.0025c per sheet
Sorbent - $5.00 for 8 rolls (190 sheets per roll) = 0.0039c per sheet

Who Gives A Crap is a clear winner here. The Sorbent loo paper had the following information on the website where I found it (an online chemist).

"Environmental friendly, biodegradable and safe for system. Contains some perfume. If non perfume is needed use hypo-allergenic . Uses advanced drying technology for softness, thickness and strength."

Hmmm, not sure how virgin toilet paper is 'ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY', or what on earth ADVANCED DRYING TECHNOLOGY is. Give me a break. Really? That's marketing stretched to it's absolute limit there. It's environmentally friendly to use recycled paper (as WGAC do), it's ethically responsible to help give toilets to 2.5 billion people and my bum dries just fine without 'Advanced Drying Technology' thank you very much!

BOTTOM LINE (get it? hehe)

I know you can get really cheap, budget toilet paper that's cheaper than Who Gives A Crap, and a lot of people are on a tight budget. I get that. You keep on doing what you're doing and providing for your family the best way you can.

For everyone else, keep reading. If you're already buying premium toilet paper and want to do your 'bit' to help, switching to WHO GIVES A CRAP gives a fundamental facility to someone that we all take for granted. It's not going to cost you any more money than you're spending now. There's ZERO plastic in the packaging. Each roll is wrapped in funky paper, and there's 'emergency rolls' in each box. Another tick for being eco-friendly and funny as well. If you can't laugh at potty humour, what can you laugh at? Everybody poops! There's even a book about it. Sadly, not everyone gets to poop in a toilet. You can help fix that.

If you run a business, please just stop what you're doing now, click on the graphic below and set up a subscription. You'll feel good, your staff will feel good about helping someone else wipe their bum when they do. It's a lovely thing to do for the planet and the morale of your staff and it's just as nice and soft as the premium Sorbent rolls I've been using.

FYI - I get nothing out of this other than warm fuzzies. With a service like this, we have no intention of ever selling toilet paper. I urge everyone who can afford to do this to make the switch today. It's one less thing to buy at one of the 'big 2' supermarket chains.