The makers of Olive and Bee Intimate Cream have produced a product whose primary goal was to help with the management of pelvic pain, not lube for sexual intercourse, so the formula is very different, and as a result, it's a great multi-tasking product to carry with you for multiple uses.

Olive and Bee contains just 2 ingredients, premium extra virgin olive oil and pure beeswax. After 26 different formulas, these 2 ingredients won out for the finished product and it's one of the most versatile products in a tube in our store.

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream use #1 - lip balm

Lip balms are traditionally solid, a little waxy and flavoured, and they're usually not much good for anything else. Olive and Bee makes a great lip balm, either as an alternative when you've run out of your lip balm or as a dedicated one by choosing to buy the mini tube. It is runnier than a normal lip balm and it will turn to liquid as it hits the warmth of your skin so you only need the absolute smallest amount.

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream use #2 - body moisturiser

As an every day all over body moisturiser, you will need to use quite a lot, but often, when you want to moisturise something, it's not all over, so it doesn't matter. Apply sparingly and add more if needed. For best results, start in a small area and work your way out. Because of the beeswax, it doesn't rub all the way in, so you'll have a slightly greasy feel until it soaks in. Think super thirsty skin in winter and you're on to a winner. Just monitor how much you use to suit the weather and how dry your skin is. If you're like me and the skin on your shins gets itchy in winter (don't ask me why), this is THE best thing for it.

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream use #3 - massage oil

Olive and Bee melts to the touch on warm skin. If you find massage oil too 'oily' and you have to wipe it off or shower after a massage, Olive & Bee could be your answer. Use a more generous amount of the cream than you would as a moisturiser and hands will easily glide over the skin. Add a drop of one of our essential oil blends to enhance the experience. If the massage is between partners and it gets intimate, it is safe for internal use for both vaginal and anal use. The formula also won't interfere with vaginal pH or osmolarity.

use olive and bee intimate cream on your heels

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream use #4 - heel balm

Cracked heels are common and normal body lotion doesn't always do a good job of keeping this under control. There's more than one natural heel balm on the market using beeswax and olive oil as their core ingredients, making Olive and Bee the perfect choice. It's going to be a little slippery when you put it on so we recommend you put it on at night before bed. Most premade formulas will have peppermint essential oil or something similar in it. Peppermint is a cooling essential oil and is usually used in foot creams and heel balms to help reduce heat and sweating in the feet. It's not necessary to have essential oils present in a heel balm for them to be effective.

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream use #5 - dry elbows

In a similar use as the heel balm, elbows are one of parts of the body that get dry before other areas because we lean on them a lot. Any time you have this intimate cream out for something else, rub the residue on your elbows.

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream use #6 - after sex care

As women age, and reach pre-menopause and menopause, vaginal tissue changes. It can become dryer, thinner and more sensitive. The elasticity of the skin is reduced and blood flow and natural lubrication is decreased with the decline in estrogen levels. Olive and Bee Intimate Cream is an excellent after sex skin maintenance routine. If you are experiencing any issues, we recommend having a discussion with your doctor.

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream use #7 - after shave balm

Hydrating your skin after shaving is important, especially if you end up with razor burn or irritated skin from the razor. Olive oil is naturally antibacterial & antifungal and in conjunction with the beeswax, which has anti-inflammatory properties, it's great at soothing irritated skin.

Note: this oil based lubricant is not suitable for use with condoms or with sex toys as it can break them down over time.