The history of the Cheeki Lunch Boxes

While it's not a brand we stock anymore, Cheeki who were always known for their stainless steel water bottle range, stepped in to the obvious companion product, stainless steel lunch boxes. The first incarnation had a stainless lid and a leakproof silicone seal. We managed to snare prototypes and ran them through our photo studio so you could get the proper 'up close and personal' Shop Naturally first look.

A 500ml stainless steel lunch box, a double layer 1 litre bento lunch box and a large 1.6 litre single layer metal lunch box were all in the range.

Leakproof Cheeki Lunch Boxes

Back when these first came on the market, around 2018, when the first version of this blog was published, one of the biggest challenges of a stainless steel lunch box is that they generally weren't leakproof.  This can mean any juices or liquids / dressing from salads and chopped up fruit can end up spilled through your lunch bag. Cheeki were one of the first brands to do this, and at the time, we thought we had finally answered all of your prayers with this stainless steel lunch box with a silicone seal.

All containers were

  • 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel Base & Lid
  • Leakproof lid with silicone seal (top layer only for the double stacker)
  • No plastic anywhere. Only stainless steel touches your food

Options were

  • Small Everyday version - 17 x 13cm (500ml capacity)
  • A double layer version of this 17 x 13cm x 8.5cm tall size called Double Stacker (1 litre capacity)
  • A larger version of this lunch box that's 21.5 x 15cm called Hungry Max (1.6 litre capacity)

While it was a great concept, there were issues with how to get the silicone seal to stay in place, and over time, the seals were removed from the designs. Other brands have tried and also failed since then and other brands have tried and succeeded, and you will find alternatives to these in the shopping section of the post. Cheeki lunch boxes are no longer available for sale anywhere. The brand have discontinued the entire range.

Cheeki Stainless Steel Leakproof Lunch Box - The Everyday 500ml

The Cheeki Everyday lunch box was a single level stainless steel lunch box with a difference to most others in this style, the lid has a silicone seal under the lid so it's leakproof. At 500ml capacity, it is an average size lunch box suitable for most with outer measurements of 17 x 13cm.

Cheeki Lunch Boxes 500ml capacity

Cheeki Stainless Steel Leakproof Bento Lunch Box - Double Stacker 1 litre

The Cheeki Double Stacker bento box is a dual layer lunch box with a difference to most others in this style, the top layer has a silicone seal under the lid so it's leakproof. You can keep wet foods like fruit salads, leftovers or a salad with a little dressing in one layer and foods that need to stay dry in the other.

The Double Stacker is like carrying around 2 lunch boxes. The Double Stacker gives two full size levels of food storage, without needing to find or cut foods to fit smaller compartments like other bento style boxes. It is great for storing larger food like wraps, sandwiches, sausage rolls, a slice of quiche or pie and anything else you can think of.

Cheeki Lunch Boxes 1 litre double stacker

Cheeki Stainless Steel Leakproof Lunch Box - Hungry Max 1.6 litres

The Cheeki Hungry Max lunch box is a single level stainless steel lunch box with the same layout as The Everyday with a silicone seal under the lid so it's leakproof. It is THREE times the size of The Everyday at a massive 1.6 litres capacity so it should meet the needs of even the biggest appetites.

Cheeki LUnch Boxes - the hungry Max 1.6L

Cheeki Insulated Food Jars

There was also more than one incarnation of the food flask in their range which haven't been around for years now. They had a nifty feature we liked, that we wish we saw in more insulated food jars, a button to vent out any built up vacuum from steam. These were available in 3 colours at the time. The date stamps on our photos are around 2019. They are no longer available, but we have alternatives in other brands.