Any time I am asked which products are best switched to natural alternatives, natural dishwasher powder is on my list. When people are concerned about potential health risks, I always start with anything that's going to touch your skin or your food and drink. For anyone who owns a dishwasher, one of the first things I get them to swap out to natural cleaning products is their natural dishwasher tablets or powder.

Many commercial automatic dishwasher products release fumes that can cause some people respiratory issues. Many also have warnings about not touching them with your hands. These warnings do not instill a lot of confidence if residue happens to stay on your plates.

We have options in the dishwashing powder and also dishwasher tablets and rinse aid. We also stock an Australian made and owned castile soap that can be used in the dishwasher.

Pick #1 - natural dishwasher powder from Kin Kin

It's not the only natural dishwasher powder we have in store, but it's the most popular one. Kin Kin Eco Dishwasher Powder comes in a 1.1kg or 2.5kg bag, is grey water safe and uses Australian essential oil Lemon Myrtle for the amazing scent. At the time of publishing this post, the 2.5kg bag gives you 160 loads for $27.95 at 18 cents per load.

The formulator and founder of Kin Kin is a PhD formulator who used to work for OMO. There's a reason why this and many of their other cleaning products are the best selling products in our cleaning aisle.

natural dishwasher powder from kin kin

Pick #2 - natural dishwasher tablets

We have two options for natural dishwasher tablets in store if you prefer the convenience over a natural dishwasher powder. Ecyo do them in a box of 30 for $15.95. Earthwise are $29.95 for a 50 pack.

Ecyo work out at 54c per tablet.
Earthwise work out at 60c per tablet

For this reason alone, Ecyo is usually the better seller.

*note prices were correct at the time of this blog publication. Please check the price on the product in the SHOP THIS ARTICLE for the latest pricing

Pick #3 - use a rinse aid if there isn't one built in

The Ecyo tablets have a built in rinse aid, but if your product doesn't, Earthwise do make a natural lemon scented rinse aid that be poured in to the appropriate compartment in your dishwasher.

Notable mention - Dr Planet Castile Soap

This Australian made and owned castile soap brand can be used in your dishwasher. While it may not be our first choice for a dishwasher, and we haven't personally tested this one in our test kitchen yet, if you run out of dishwasher powder or tablets and you're waiting on your next delivery, this will certainly get you out of trouble.

Dr Planet Castile Soap

Why we no longer stock Eco Store Dishwasher Tablets

These have been in and out of our store twice now and it's a brand we're just not prepared to stock anymore. As the company got larger, they started to enter mainstream supermarkets and when they did, they had cheaper wholesale pricing for supermarkets vs the health food wholesalers who helped them build their brand for many years. We were effectively being forced to over charge our customers because we had to pay significantly more for them that the supermarkets. We took a stand for a while and just discounted them and made no money on them, then the health food distribution chain just stopped getting access, so we don't stock them. We like the product but we do not like health food stores being treated like this, so we cannot support this brand.

Price Range

From 16 cents per load to 60 cents per load, regardless, it pays to wash with a full load to both save money on your cleaning products and save water.