You can perform the best natural makeup hacks with products you probably already own. We're big on multi-purpose products at Shop Naturally and many products found in both the natural makeup category and the natural or certified organic skin care range can perform a multitude of tasks. We have scoured the internet for the best hacks of 2024 and put our safe, clean and natural spin on them.

Natural Makeup Hacks #1 - powder or dry shampoo to thicken lashes

If you have a natural mascara in your beauty bag that isn't quite cutting it in the volume department, don't ditch it and buy 5 others trying to get the perfect look, use this hack instead, using either baby powder, your natural dry shampoo or a makeup setting powder if you have one.

You might just want a volumising mascara for a special event and not every day. There's just no need for a dedicated volumising natural mascara when you will only wear it once or twice in a 3 month period. All natural mascara without a synthetic preservative should be discarded after 3 months so bacteria doesn't grow in it and infect your eyes.

Apply your first coat of mascara and allow it to completely dry. Using a cotton bud, a clean makeup brush or a disposable / washable mascara wand, apply a small dusting of powder on to your lashes. Apply your second coat of mascara and see the difference in the volume.

Natural Makeup Hacks #2 - you don't need a dedicated eye makeup remover

Pure oils can do all kinds of things in your life. They make great hair masks, body oils, moisturisers, after shave soothers and also as a gentle eye makeup remover. If you have coconut oil at home or jojoba oil, you already have your eye makeup remover.

Pair one of these natural oils with The Happy Sparrow Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads and you have everything you need. Our remover pads have one side that's extra soft. Simply dampen the pad with the oil, press it gently to your eye, hold for 30 seconds and then swipe. If it's not clean, repeat the process.

Natural Makeup Hacks #3 - super charge your eye shadow

I know in the past we've had complaints about the staying power of eye shadow. In particular, the Benecos brand was hard to show from the start and the staying power was worse. When using natural products, it's really important to lay a primer base for your eye shadow. You'll get much more longer lasting and more vibrant colours this way.

Kill two birds with one stone and use your favourite concealer not only to cover the dark circles, but to prepare and prime the whole eyelid and the space up to your eyebrows. Your powder eyeshadow will be a more vibrant colour than it was before and it will stay on for longe. That's win / win.

HACK #4 - clear mascara as eyebrow gel

Clear Mascara gained some serious popularity a couple of years ago, to the point where we had some trouble getting stock at one stage. If you're needing to tame your brows for a special event, you don't need to buy a dedicated brow gel, just use a pencil to draw in your brows and set them in place with clear mascara. It's like hair spray for your brows and leaves them looking glossy, secretly being nourished by the aloe vera in the formula and you can even use it to set false lashes if you're going all out for a special day. Ere Perez have had this power house in their range for as long as we can remember. There are very few natural clear mascaras on the market.

HACK #5 - paw paw cream for your cuticles

You've done the right thing by choosing a 10 free natural nail polish, but you'll never get it to look neat and tidy if you don't take care of your cuticles. Mainstream beauty bloggers talk about all the things you can do with petroleum jelly, but it's made of mineral oils and we are not a fan.

Choose a paw paw cream or any type of cream you would use for your lips. Simply massage it in to your cuticles each night and let it soak in. Totally left of centre, we sell a natural lubricant made in Australia called Olive & Bee, and it's made with olive oil and beeswax, and that's it. You can buy tiny pocket sized tubes and it doesn't look like lubricant at all. Use it for a lip balm, cuts and scratches, dry patches on your skin, massage in to your cuticles, and yes, as a sexual lubricant. It's one of the best lubricant for women because you can carry it around without anyone knowing what one of its uses is, but you can use it for so many other things.