In coming weeks, the Mukti Organics range of skin care & hair care products are being reformulated. Along with a new logo and branding, each product is being reformulated to include more active botanical ingredients including some beautiful Australian native ingredients that nourish and heal the skin. The products will also be packaged in some new innovative glass packaging which will be a first in the organic skin care category at Shop Naturally to be packed in glass airless pumps. We can't wait to see them. If you like looking at beautiful things as well as having beautiful, quality ingredients inside, we've been told they're simply stunning.

New Mukti Organics packaging

While we haven't seen the packaging yet, we've been told it's a deep, dark & rich colour with preservative properties to ensure that what's inside stays fresher for longer. It also means that less preservative ingredients need to be included in the formula. The whole Mukti Organics range is certified organic, which means there's no chemical preservatives anyway, but it's good to know your organic moisturiser and face cleanser are well protected.

mukti organics booster collection

How to buy current formula Mukti Organics stock

If you're totally in love with the current formulas, all our current stock levels are the current products. Once we sell out and new stock arrives, we will be updating all products in store with new photographs and new ingredients lists. We have run out of the current formula Mukti Macadamia Lip Balm. The new formula is going to include more than one flavour and some light tint (like the Hurraw Lip Balm in tinted cherry I'm assuming), but we'll let you know all about that once it arrives and we've given it a test drive.

While the Mukti shampoo & conditioner will be reformulated and repackaged, these are staying in their current format for the time being. You can find those in the natural & organic shampoo category.

To get your hands on current stock, simply place your order for any product on the website that's in stock. If you would like to stock up, please contact us and we may be able to special order larger quantities for you. Remember though, once opened, natural & organic skin care products have an average shelf life of 6 months, and most products will have somewhere between 12 and 24 months on them when you purchase them. We are more than happy to find these things out for you if you want to make a large special order.

Where is Mukti Organics made?

Mukti Organics skin care is a female founded brand, launched in 2000. The founder, Mukti was a beauty therapist and a cosmetic formulator and used this training and background to create award winning formulas. The products are all manufactured in small batches in their facility in Mullumbumby NSW. Every product in the range is created on site.

Mukti Organics are open about their production process right down to becoming certified under ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices. The facility undergoes regular audits by an external GMP auditor to ensure that the high quality that we know and expect from Mukti Organics is maintained. GMP is an internationally recognised standard in the cosmetics industry, not just in Australia.

The founder of the company still oversees the creation of every single product to ensure the quality that she expects is in every bottle.

The brand has international certification with COSMOS and the products are manufactured in an eco sustainable way. There is a strong focus on indigenous ingredients in the newly formulated Mukti Organics range which is an industry first. They are in abundance in the formulas purely for their performance.