What's the best natural mosquito repellent for kids? Something that's gentle on the skin and the nose and makes your kid unappealing to the insects. Most Australian schools yards are filled with gorgeous tall trees, shrubs, grassy areas for groups sports, fallen leaves, shaded spots for sitting and if the kids are lucky hopefully even a veggie patch here and there. All going well - a lovely balance of concrete and structures, balanced with nature. With our harsh Aussie summer sun and the heat that it brings at the beginning and end of each school year these shaded areas are absolutely necessary. When school sports stretch in to late afternoon and early evenings it's the perfect time for the mozzies to come out and go after us all, including the kids.

A good quality insect repellent is a must in your kids school bag and sports bag, but what's safe AND effective for your kids? We stock a mixture of natural mosquito repellent for kids that are registered with the APVMA and have been tested for their effectiveness and also a range of outdoor balms by smaller companies who have not gone through the expensive process of testing with the APVMA. Regardless of whether they have the certification through the APVMA, each formula will be based on a range of natural ingredients, including essential oils, to make your kids skin unappealing to the mozzies and insects buzzing around.

the best natural mosquito repellent for kids from Good Riddance

Mosquito Repellent for Kids - Good Riddance Tropical vs Sensitive

At the top of our recommendation list for the best natural mosquito repellent for kids is the range from Good Riddance. They are clinically proven to work and this insect repellent range is registered with the APVMA.

They have 2 very different formulas that cater to the general population and also to those with sensitivities. Which one is right for your kids?

Good Riddance Tropical can be used on children from the age of 2 and up. It was developed in Darwin and tested in the Kakadu, so Australia threw everything it could at this formula in those conditions. Better than a spray, both Good Riddance formulas are blended in a cream base. They use shea butter and beeswax at the core of the blend for two main reasons. One, it provides an extra physical barrier on the skin (like a mineral sunscreen does), and two, the essential oils are held on the skin longer in a cream base than a spray, reducing the amount of times you need to reapply.

Good Riddance Sensitive is Australia's only clinically proven insect repellent for babies from 3 months and also for use during pregnancy and for use on sensitive skin and those with eczema. The active ingredients are a different set of essential oils with further details to be found on the product pages.

Mosquito Repellent For Kids to spray on - Bug Grrr Off

6 hour protection in a spray on and tested to be safe to use on children over the age of 12 months, but we do recommend patch testing all of the products on young children, even the sensitive blends.

This product is not designed to kill insects, (by poisoning either them OR you), instead, the powerful combination of natural extracts and essential oils makes you virtually invisible to their senses. The active ingredient is an essential oil (Lemon Eucalyptus) and it's blended with both lavender and sandalwood essential oil to keep mozzies and other insects off your scent. Aloe, chamomile, green tea and cucumber are in the spray for their calming and soothing effects in the essential oil blend.

Another notable mention come from Vanilla Mozi who class their products as outdoor body creams by making your scent unattractive to bugs.