Is jojoba oil as lubricant a safe option? Jojoba oil can be a great natural lubricant alternative when you don't have a formulated product with you, but it should only be used with some restrictions and warnings. We outline the 3 main issues below when using jojoba oil as lubricant. This blog post does discuss sex. Please be mindful if you continue to read the article.

Jojoba oil as lubricant - can it cause potential yeast or bacterial infections?

Yes. This information is relevant to all oil based lubricant, but more relevant to some oils over others. If you are prone to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, oils can increase the likelihood of both.

According to the CDC in the USA, bacterial vaginosis is an imbalance of of the good and bad bacteria in the vagina. Like the gut, there's a biome balance and it can be upset. While bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease, it can be passed from woman to woman and the presence of BV can make you more susceptible to STD's. Professional medical advice is needed in cases of BV and may require a course of antibiotics.

Over the counter treatments at the chemist are available for yeast infections and should symptoms persist, medical advice is advised.

Jojoba oil as lubricant with condom

Jojoba oil as lubricant - can it damage condoms?

Yes. Oils, whether it's jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil or any other oil, can break down latex. This makes any oil based lubricant a bad idea for sexual intercourse with a condom. There is a very real risk of the condom breaking. Not just condoms either, they can cause issues sex toys, so a water based lubricant is a better option here.

If you opt to use latex free condoms, please check the packaging to see if an oil based lubricant is appropriate or not. Most brands that we researched still recommended the use of a water based lubricant.

Jojoba oil as lubricant - is it suitable for oral sex?

No. While jojoba oil is a great option for most people for both vaginal sex and anal sex, oral sex is a completely different matter because some of the oil will be ingested. It's perfectly safe for the skin, but not so much for your digestive tract. It's not uncommon to cause diarrhea, in particular, 'oily' diarrhea or keriorrhea as it is known.

Jojoba oil as lubricant - what are the positives?

#1 - While jojoba oil it might stain clothes and sheets, it's easily washed out with a regular wash in the laundry.

#2 - for most people, Jojoba oil doesn't disturb the natural biome in either the vagina or the anus, so the good bacteria stays in balance. Do read above though where we talked about those who are susceptible to yeast and bacterial infections, so be mindful of this one.

#3 - Unlike a water based lubricant, jojoba oil won't wash away when having sex in the shower. As long as you're not using a condom, sex in or around water is best had with an oil based lubricant.

#4 - Your skin loves jojoba oil because it's easily absorbed. Out of all the oils people use in skin care regimes, the oil in jojoba oil most resembles the oils our skin creates natural. Jojoba oil can even help to unclog pores, so the risk of build up being left in your pores is minimal.

We feel that specifically formulated lube is always a better option, whether you choose a water based or an oil based lubricant, but for those times that you don't have a specific product and you need to improvise, you can consider whether Jojoba Oil suits your needs.