We received an enquiry about getting a dewy finish foundation look with organic foundation, and since we don’t have one ‘out of the box’ in our organic makeup aisle, I did some research to find out how you can still achieve this with products found in our store.

When you’re shopping mainstream foundation with endless choices, you can usually opt for dewy, matte or a luminous finish to your foundation. While the natural foundations we have perform exceptionally well when compared to their chemical counterparts, they’re usually only made in a matte finish.

Tip #1 for a dewy finish foundation look - moisturiser

Firstly, make sure your skin is generously moisturised before adding your foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream. There's a mountain of choices in our organic skin care aisle. Choose the moisturiser that suits your skin type and your budget or just use what you already have in your beauty bag.

Tip #2 for a dewy finish foundation look - liquid over powder

Choose a liquid foundation instead of a powder, as you’ll find it impossible to get a dewy finish with a powder. It can be full coverage foundation, a BB or a CC Cream.

Tip #3 for a dewy finish foundation look - dry skin tips

If you have particularly dry skin, we recommend using a pure oil on your face underneath your liquid foundation. You could even try mixing a drop in with your liquid foundation if you don’t get the results you want to achieve.  You can choose something like Jojoba oil, Hemp Seed oil or whatever your favourite pure skin oil is. La Mav have an excellent range of pure oils, and we have them all in store. Choose the oil that suits your skin type. All the information is in our product descriptions.

Egyptian Magic for dewy finish foundation

Tip #4 for a dewy finish foundation look - Egyptian Magic

Another product that can help you achieve this dewy finish is to use Egyptian Magic as your moisturiser. Made from just 6 natural ingredients, this oil based multi-purpose cream is better used as a night cream on the face, but if you have dry skin, applying it in the morning and then applying a matte liquid foundation over the top will give you extra moisturising properties and a dewy finish on your foundation all in one go.

Tip #5 for a dewy finish foundation look - mix with a primer

Another option to achieve a dewy finish with your natural foundation is to mix a primer with your foundation. Experiment with ratios, but we recommend you use the La Mav Primer. We recommend the use of a standard primer for mixing, not a colour corrector, as primers are designed to be used UNDER your foundation normally, and to provide a moisturised and smooth surface for foundation application.

Tip #6 for a dewy finish foundation look - keep the rest of your routine simple

Since most people choose a dewy foundation finish for a healthy & radiant glow, you’ll want to be simple with the rest of your makeup for it to stand out. A lick of organic mascara, a clear and crisp line of eyeliner and a muted lipstick in a matte finish is a good place to start. Wash them off at the end of the day with a damp cotton pad and some coconut oil, there's no need to purchase a dedicated eye makeup remover unless you're going to be using it on a daily / weekly basis and feel like you want something cream based instead of oil based.

A cream blush may work better than a powder blush which may take some of the shine off your dewy foundation. Try the Ere Perez Cheek & Tip tints or use a powder blush and bronzer in combo to create some contour.