The Green Essentials Bento Box Five is a unique bento box lunch box as it's a design not available in other brands. They have taken their original Leakproof Bento Box with the removable divider and made it a fixed 5 compartment bento box with generous sized compartments.

The Green Essentials Bento Box Five is leakproof

The picture below is showing the Green Essentials Bento Box Five with the lid off and the lid is tucked inside the pocket inside the insulated lunch bag it's currently sitting in.

Green Essentials Bento Box Five showing Leakproof Lid
Green Essentials Bento Box Five (lid off)

You can see the underside of the lid in the photograph and it has a silicone seal going all the way around. This gives the lunchbox as a complete unit the ability to be leakproof. It does not, however, seal each individual compartment. You can see from the photograph that the dividers (which are fixed in place and cannot be moved), reach very close to the top, but not completely.

The lid is held firmly in place with a clip on each of the shorter sides. Lunch boxes this size are not designed for toddlers, so please keep this in mind if you're buying this bento box for a small child who needs to be able to open it for themselves.

Green Essentials Bento Box Five

Sealing each individual compartment requires the lid to be sectioned off as well, either with plastic and/or silicone. In a design like this, in a stainless steel lunch box, the price starts to get significantly higher.

The Green Essentials Bento Box Five is big enough for a sandwich

Not everyone wants to put a sandwich in a bento box, but some people do. To fit a sandwich in a 5 compartment bento box is almost never heard of. This photo shoot was done by us, in our photo studio, and we prepared the food and made the sandwich. While it is a snug fit, we used a load of Burgen Soy & Linseed bread to make a sandwich with ham, cheese and salad, cut it in half and put it on its side. The height of the lunch box is 6cm and it was the perfect fit.


Following are the answers to a few questions we've had about this stainless steel bento box in the past. If you have any further questions that are not answered here, just ask.

What's the best way to wash the Green Essentials Bento Box Five?

There's no plastic in this lunch box, just a silicone seal in the lid, so you can put the whole thing in the dishwasher. We don't think it's necessary to put the lid in the dishwasher or to remove the silicone seal each time you wash (just periodically) so our tip is to put the base in the dishwasher and wipe over the lid. If you think there's liquid under the silicone seal, pull it out, wash it and ensure both the lid and the silicone seal are completely dry before putting it back in and putting the lid on the lunch box.

Is the Green Essentials Bento Box Five suitable for kids?

We don't think it's suitable for toddlers if they have to open it themselves. The stainless steel clasps on each of the shorter sides of the lunch boxes are firm and hold the lid in place very well. For kids who are old enough to open the box themselves, is a generous and roomy box to hold a full days food and snacks for most kids.

Can the Green Essentials Bento Box Five go in the microwave oven?

No. It's not suitable. If you want a microwavable stainless steel lunch box, we do have one from Bentgo. It's a similar size and have a removable divider, so you don't get the benefits of keeping 5 lots of food separate in the Bentgo like you can with this one.

Will the Green Essentials Bento Box Five fit in my insulated lunch bag?

Unless you have an incredibly tiny bag for some reason, the dimensions of this stainless steel bento box are within the dimensions of the majority of lunch bags. The outer dimensions are 21cm x 16.5cm x 6cm. Allow a little extra wiggle room at the ends with the clips.