Show your best friend, your mum, your sister, daughter, aunt or anyone special how they can detox their full makeup regime with an Ere Perez makeover using the Ere Perez range of natural makeup available at Shop Naturally. We'll guide you through each step and pick the best sellers to give your beauty bag an overhaul.

Ere Perez Makeover Step 1 - Concealer

Ere Perez Makeover using Concealer

The Ere Perez concealer is a small pot using the healing remedy of arnica that also colour matches each of the Oat Milk Foundation shades. It's formulated to not only cover your blemishes but to also help heal the broken and stressed skin. Apply with your finger or the Vegan Concealer & Lip Brush. Concealer can be used to cover blemishes before you use foundation, and if necessary, you can also do touch ups with it after you apply your foundation.

Ere Perez Makeover Step 2 - Foundation

Ere Perez Foundation

The most popular foundation in the Ere Perez range is their natural oat milk liquid foundation. It gives a light to medium coverage and is non-greasy and suits those who have sensitive problem skin. If you're gluten free, be mindful to wash it off your hands so you don't consume any. The liquid foundation is available in multiple shades that match the concealer we mentioned at step 1. It is now available in 12 shades. We don't stock all the shades, but we can special order in anything not on our shelves.

Ere Perez Makeover Step 3 - Finish & Highlight

Ere Perez Corn Setting Powder

If you tend to be a little shiny in the face, a third step to your flawless complexion for your big night out is a dusting with their lightweight Translucent Corn Setting Powder. It's now packed in a plastic free refillable aluminium wheel.

Ere Perez Highlighter

To give your face a little extra shape, you can also use the Versatile Vanilla Highlighter, available in 2 shades.

Give cheeks a rosy glow with the Pure Rice Powder Blush. Each blush has two shades in the compact and it's available in 4 colour pairings, a coral/peach, rose, neutral and bronze tones.

Ere Perez Makeover Step 4 - Eyes

Ere Perez Mascara

Start off with an Ere Perez Mascara, our bestselling natural mascara in store, the Natural Almond Oil Mascara. It's smudgeproof, water resistant and for anyone with sensitive eyes, this is where you want to start your natural mascara journey. It has rave reviews on our website and elsewhere. Almond Oil Mascara is available in the original Black, Brown and also a purple shade called Mauve.

The Ere Perez eye pencils are now certified organic after a reformulation a few months ago and are enriched with jojoba oil. They're available in 10 different shades. The Jojoba Eye Pencils from Ere Perez are super gentle on the eyes and glide on smoothly. They sharpen well and are available in a range of colours from earthy neutrals to bold golds and blues. They are also the winner of the Cosmopolitan 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for best eyeliner.

Ere Perez Makeover Step 5 - Lips

Ere Perez Coco Crayon

Goodbye traditional lipstick and hello Ere Perez Coco Crayon. You get the best of a lip liner and a lipstick in one ultra hydrating plastic free thick pencil. You can even use them on cheeks. They are your perfect companion while travelling. The Ere Perez Coco Crayons have won Allure Best of Beauty for best lip crayon in 2022 2023.

For best results, sharpen the pencil, outline the lips while the pencil is sharp and then fill in the rest of your lips. If you're really thrifty, collect the colour shavings from your pencil sharpener and use them to dab on to the cheeks and then blend.