doTERRA have six essential oil blends centred around supporting emotional wellbeing in the doTERRA emotional aromatherapy blends range. They were released in to the Australian market in 2016. There are six blends in the range. Each one is a proprietary blend of essential oils formulated to assist in the management of mood and emotional support. They are available in 5ml bottles to use in your aroma diffuser. Later, they were also released as prediluted blends in roller balls for topical application.

doterra emotional aromatherapy blend wheel

This chart gives an overview of each blend, what the aroma profile is and the emotions that are covered. Each blend has a little crossover with the next one on the wheel, just as your emotions are interconnected. Here's a brief outline of each blend. Click on any one of them to view them online. As well as being available in single bottles in the essential oils category of our store, if you want all 6, they are also available in a pack.

doTERRA Motivate

This is my favourite in the range as I am personally quite sensitive to a few (but not all oils) in the floral and trees sections in particular. Motivate is the the fresh and clean combination of peppermint and citrus with a couple of herbs, some lemon balm (Melissa) and rounded off with a hint of vanilla bean (just like the doTERRA Citrus Bliss is). The oils contained in this blend help to boost confidence and courage and counteract doubt.

doTERRA Cheer

In the citrus & spice section of the wheel, a combination of orange, clove, star anise and more, give a fresh yet warm and spicy note to this blend. Think of the aroma of bright citrus and a chai latte intertwined. Give yourself an emotional boost and counteract negative emotions with Cheer.

doTERRA Passion

This blend sits in the spices, herbs and grasses section of the wheel. It's spicy, warm and rich and will ignite your passion, excitement and joy for life. It's not about sex (unless you want it to be), it's about bringing your imagination to life!

doTERRA Forgive

Feel content, relief and patience and counteract negative feelings of anger or guilt with this blend that sits in the tree and herbs / grasses spectrum of the wheel. The top oils in the blend are from the spruce leaf, balanced out with the freshness of bergamot and accompanied by juniper, myrrh and more.

doTERRA Console

This blend sits in the floral / trees spectrum. With a base of Frankincense, a naturally comforting oil, it is balanced with the fragrant floral tones of patchouli and ylang ylang. It is sweet, musky and floral and and helps to provide comfort and hope. If you are suffering from grief or sadness, Console will give you a warm embrace.

doTERRA Peace

This essential oil blend sits in the floral mint spectrum of the wheel. The floral tones of vetiver, lavender and ylang ylang are balanced with frankincense, clary sage and rounded out with the softer mint, spearmint. Its sweet, rich and minty and promotes feelings of peace and contentment.

Each of these oil blends can be enjoyed in an aroma diffuser, such as the doTERRA Petal Diffuser or the ultrasonic vaporiser that we sell in store. If you're going to wear them on your skin, just one drop diluted in coconut oil or any other carrier oil is all you need. Each 5ml bottle contains approx. 80 drops of essential oil.

Some of these blends are available in the touch version which is in a roller ball and diluted with coconut oil so it's safe to apply directly to the skin.

This post was originally published in 2016 on release and has been updated in May 2023