It came as no surprise to us that the manufacturer of one of Australia's original stainless steel water bottle brands decided to take the same philosophy in to the realm of cleaning products - to significantly reduce the use of single use plastic in every day life. From the makers of Cheeki comes a new cleaning products range in 2020 - CHANGE.

Why do we love the concept of Change Cleaning Tablets?

  1. One spray bottle can be endlessly refilled
  2. The refills are a dissolvable tablet, not a larger plastic bottle filled with liquid
  3. Each refill costs under $2
  4. Our customers are not paying for the weight of us shipping water to them that they can get out of their own tap

How do Change Cleaning Tablets work?

Instead of making the cleaning products in to a liquid, Change Cleaning Tablets use a compressed tablet much like a dishwasher tablet that dissolves in water. For the Multi Purpose Cleaner (and yes, it's exactly the same product for your kitchen and bathroom) and the Glass Cleaner, you begin with the Starter Pack which contains a quality lightweight polypropylene spray bottle and 2 tablets.

Fill your spray bottle with 300ml of warm water from your tap.

Drop the Change Cleaning Tablet in to the warm water.

Leave the tablet for 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve.

Screw the nozzle in to place and start cleaning.

Once you have used your original 2 tablets, refills are available in a 4 pack and an 8 pack. If you already have an empty spray bottle at home, jump straight to one of the refill packs and use the bottle you already have. The whole philosophy behind the brand is to reduce single use plastic, so please use any bottle you already own (clean it first).

What products are in the range?

There are four core products in the range at the time of launch in September 2020.

  1. Multi-purpose
  2. Glass
  3. Water Bottle
  4. Washing Machine

Change Multipurpose is available in a starter pack, 4 tablet refill and 8 tablet refill. Sticking with the 'less is more' philosophy, the Multipurpose is just as at home in your kitchen as it is in the bathroom. It cuts through grease and grime and fights bacteria too.

Change Glass is for your mirrors and windows and is fast drying for a streak-free finish.

Change Water Bottle brings new life to reusable drink bottles that are retaining odours and have a stain build up that you just can't get off with soapy water and a bottle brush. It's suitable to use in either stainless steel, glass, plastic or ceramic water bottles. Don't just think water bottles though, your reusable coffee cup is notorious for retaining coffee stains and odour. Bring yours back to sparking fresh with one of the water bottle cleaning tablets.

Change Washing Machine removes dirt and limescale that forms in your washing machine. They have been designed to be slow dissolving (the opposite of those that go in the spray bottles) so they last through your entire wash cycle. They are more effective than bleach for breaking up residue in your machine.

Are Change Cleaning Tablets 100% natural?

No. Contrary to what some people will have you believe, natural and safe do not mean the same thing. To get the effective cleaning from a tablet, there are some safe lab derived ingredients in the Change range along with their natural ingredients. Before we decided if they were suitable to be the first products in our natural cleaning products range with a lab derived ingredient, we asked to see independent lab test results for every product in the range. As a product that is not designed to be placed on the skin or body, we are completely confident in their inclusion in our store for their huge eco benefits and to reduce shipping costs for our rural customers who unfortunately have to pay a lot for shipping liquids to their location.

Remember, both lead and arsenic are naturally occuring elements and we DO NOT allow them in our store because they are not safe to be placed on the skin or consumed.

Are Change Cleaning Tablets 100% plastic free?

No. They come very close though and they do eliminate the need for a lot of single use plastic. There are 3 places you will find plastic in the range and this is disclosed on every product page so you're aware of exactly what you're buying

  1. The bottles in the Starter Packs are made from plastic. Glass would not be safe. This keeps the cost down. They are sturdy, good quality and designed to last you for years. The bottle can be broken down and recycled at end of life.
  2. The tablets must remain dry to be effective. Each tablet has two layers of packing - an inner layer of plastic that can be placed in to any Redcycle bin, and an outer paper layer which can be separated from the plastic to ensure everything can be recycled.
  3. By law, each package must have a safety seal. This is done with a small sticker which needs to be disposed of. It's the only piece of the product that cannot be recycled.

NOTE: as of mid 2023, this product is no longer available.