Beauty and the Bees were the first brand of shampoo bars in Australia, back in 1993. pH balanced shampoo bars weren't a think back then, but their original range is still popular today. We were stocking them around a decade ago in their original formula and temporarily discontinued them as they went through some rebranding a couple of years back. We're pleased to announce that they're back in May 2023 with some updates.

The original Beauty and the Bees shampoo bars were formulated a little more like a soap is rather than shampoo, which also keeps them at a lower price point. It also meant there was a transition period between swapping from a sulphate shampoo from the salon to something completely natural. They were some of the most popular products in our store at the time, especially the Beer Shampoo which is great for sensitive scalps. On relaunch, we also have the new pH balanced range of shampoo bars, available in 3 formulas with a new conditioner bar to go with it and a sample pack for you to try each one before you settle on which full sized bar suits you hair type. The new pH balanced bars don't need a transition period.

What's in the new pH balanced shampoo bar range?

There are three formulas in the pH balanced range from Beauty and the Bees.

  1. Normal Hair
  2. Dry or Frizzy Hair
  3. Oily Hair

Scented with essential oils of Cedarwood, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove Bud and Rosemary, the normal hair bar is ultra nourishing with an almost clarifying clean. The range features leatherwood honey and beeswax, which is only found in Tasmania, which is where the brand is from. Normal also contains ingredients to heal inflammation and itch, so it steps far beyond 'normal'.

For dry and frizzy hair, the specific formula uses rosehip and argan oils that instantly absorb in to your hair shaft. Allantoin also helps to mend damage and the nettle in the bar can help banish dandruff before it has a chance to arrive.

For oily hair, natural clay is used to draw out impurities and oils as you cleanse. Think if this as a face mask for your hair every time you wash.

ph balanced shampoo bar from Beauty and the bees shampoo for oily hair

They are three truly uniquely formulated ph balanced shampoo bars, not just something similar with one ingredient swapped out or a different scent. Of course, like all the shampoo in our store, whether they're in a bottle or in a bar, these are all sulphate free shampoo.

How to care for your Beauty and the Bees pH balanced shampoo bar

If you take care of them properly, you will get approx 80-90 washes per shampoo bar. At 80 washes, that's 25 cents per wash. The best way to take care of them is to take them OUT of the shower in between uses so they're not constantly in the humidity of the shower. Dry in between uses will make them last longer.

Beauty and the Bees pH balanced shampoo sample bars

If you want to try the new pH balanced shampoo bars and compare them not only with each other, but with whatever else it is that you're currently using, you can buy a sample pack . The sample pack contains:-

  1. pH shampoo for Normal Hair mini
  2. pH shampoo for Dry or Frizzy Hair mini
  3. pH shampoo for Oily Hair mini
  4. Clarifying Rinse Powder mini
  5. Honeycomb Conditioner mini

You'll get approx 10-15 washes per shampoo mini, 6 of the rinse and 6 of the conditioner.

Beauty and the bees sample pack

How to tell the difference between the originals and the new pH balanced shampoo bars

The pH balanced shampoo bars have it in the name, and they're all named after a hair type. But the simplest way is to look at the shape. The new pH balanced bars are hexagonal shaped. The original bars are now a square cube.