Slo Natural Beauty was introduced to Shop Naturally in February 2024, but ti's something you're very familiar with. You might notice the products look familiar, and the packaging too. New Zealand brand Aotearoad have had a brand name change and are now Slo Natural Beauty.

What is Slow Beauty?

You've heard of fast fashion right? The opposite of cheap throw away fast fashoin is 'slow fashion' and now eco brands are adopting the term Slow Beauty. It's a minful look at what you're using in your beauty bag, from your natural makeup packaging through to your deodorant, your moisturiser and everything in between.

Slo Naturals have a crafted range of everyday essentials for the bathroom that are 100% plastic free by design. The range includes deodorant, dry shampoo, toothpaste tablets, mouth wash, body moisturiser, lip balm and our most popular natural hair wax in Australia in eco packaging.

The formulations in the Slo range are over 70% organic ingredients and 100% natural. They are manufactured in New Zealand in GMP certified facilities.

Slo Natural Beauty Deodorant Sticks

It's more than just the plastic free packaging that makes this mindful slow beauty product. Like the full natural deodorant range in our store, Slo is aluminium free, contains no SLS, propylene glycol, artificial fragrances or colours. While we have a small selection of deodorant that contains beeswax, this range is vegan and also cruelty free.

Slo Naturals deodorants have been nominated and won natural beauty awards. The Lavender + Jasmine scent in the Slo range was not a part of the original Aotearoad range, it's a new edition.

Don't be confused by the packaging, they're super easy to use. Just push the base to expose around 4mm of the stick, hold it to your skin for a few seconds to warm it to your skin and then do a couple of swipes and you're done. Like all natural deodorants, be mindful that you may sting on broken or freshly shaven skin.

Slo Natural Beauty Lip Balm

Slo Natural Beauty Lip Balm & Body Moisturiser

One for the lips and one for the body, using the same packaging as the natural deodorant range, you can kiss little plastic tubes of lip balm goodbye with these eco beauties. There's even a tinted version in the Raspberry + Rosehip. They're rich in luscious natural butters (cacao and shea butter) and skin loving oils including castor oil.

Slo Natural Beauty Hair Clay

This is the one product in the range that hasn't been done well by anyone else as far as packaging goes, and that's the natural hair clay. Every other hair wax or hair clay in our store is in a plastic tub. It's formulated in three different strengths - a Firm Hold, a Medium Hold and a Natural look hold. The ingredients list doesn't look too far off some of the others, but the are a very specific balance and hold the hair well. There's a reason why we have so many repeat customers. What we love is that they don't have an overbearing scent, with a subtle fragrance using unisex essential oils as their natural scent.

Slo Natural Beauty Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of those products that you use in a pinch to get some of the excess oil out of your hair in between shampoos. Why wouldn't you just wash your hair? Sometimes it just might not be convenient and other times you might be preserving a hair colour that will fade with each wash. Regardless of the reason you might choose to use a Dry Shampoo, Slo Naturals have a plastic free option and you can choose either the Light Hair or the Dark Hair Option.

Slo Natural Beauty Dental Range

Using Dr Hisham's Crush & Brush Tooth Tablets, you can replace plastic tubes of toothpaste with these plastic free and vegan tooth tablets. There's an adult and a child option in the tablets, and for those of you who use a mouthwash, you can now use the preboitic powder rinse fromthe Dr Hisham's range in the same plastic free packaging.