The very first time I used natural shampoo was about 25 years ago. It was not great. I could not have imagined a hair rehab system in the market working this well at the time I washed my hair with this natural product that made my hair feel like knotted straw. We have even seen leaps and bounds in the natural hair care space in the 15 years since I started Shop Naturally back in 2009.

Hot Tresses Hair Rehab is not a new product to the market, and we really should have been stocking it years ago, but it's here now, and it's quite the game changer for anyone who needs a good hair rehab, which is one of the two systems they have in place. The second one is called Indigo Babe, which is a purple shampoo, conditioner, toner combo. In this blog we will run through both systems, the Hot Tresses Rehabilitation Trio and Indigo Babe.

What's the story behind Hot Tresses Hair Rehab?

Hot Tresses founder Tamara Loehr spent her 20s abusing her hair with chemical treatments and heat styling which ended up damaging her scalp and her hair. After spending thousands of dollars on expensive products trying to reverse the damage, only to find the problem getting worse, an idea was born.

Hair care professionals were recommending products loaded with synthetics and chemicals and inflamed her scalp causing the skin to dry out and flake. They caused split ends and brittle hair shafts to the point where it was breaking off and also falling out.

At this point, Tamara started to work with a chemist to create a natural system that would heal the issues she had, stimulate hair growth and also strengthen and repair her hair. A 3 step system that only takes 5 minutes a day was born, and allowed for easy hair styling without using damaging heat, all natural, and affordably priced, and can be used at home.

Hot Tresses Hair Rehab ingredients

Hot Tresses Hair Rehab Trio

If you want hair that's stronger, smoother, healthier and thicker than ever before, these three products will be a game changer for you. This can all be done with a well balanced sulfate free shampoo formula, a silicone free conditioner and one of the most bio-available healing leave-in moisturisers on the market.

Hot Tresses Before and After Hair Rehab
Before and after using Hot Tresses Hair Rehab 3 step program

STEP 1 - Hot Tresses Rehab Shampoo

The first step in the process is the Rehab Shampoo. It's not just shampoo though, it's formulated to cleanse, exfoliate, detox and stimulate the scalp. This gets your scalp ready to absorb the proteins in the next 2 steps of the treatment. The combination of paw paw, pumpkin, French green clay and signature oil blend (including castor oil) helps to remove excess impurities and build up on the scalp, heal damaged hair follicles, gently exfoliate with French green clay and stimulate the scalp with rosemary and sage extract.

STEP 2 - Hot Tresses Rehab Conditioner

Now we're clean, let the healing begin. Over the course of 60 days, you will begin to reconstruct fraying hair cuticles and brittle ends, giving you stronger hair. Vitamin B5 is hard at work promoting cell regeneration and locking in moisture. Hemp Extract with beneficial omegas are here to strengthen your hair and reduce moisture loss. Quinoa extract adds moisture and protection. Vitamin E and Coconut oil promote thicker and stronger hair that reduces stress. Restore volume with yarrow and linden flower extracts. Ylang Ylang and horsetail extract creates softness, shine, and helps eliminate frizz.

STEP 3 - Hot Tresses Rehab Moisturising Leave In

This weightless and nutrient rich leave in is packed with many of the same nourishing and healing ingredients found in the Rehab conditioner. This time, it's in a base that allows you leave it in and work its magic all day and night. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to repairing damage.

Hot Tresses Rehab after 1 use
Hot Tresses Rehab after 30 days

Heat Free Styling to get the most out of Hot Tresses Hair Rehab

Since heat styling is usually what causes damage with hair, learning how to not only repair the damage, but to style your hair without the need for eat tools is vital. A heat protectant spray will only get you so far, and while they're great for a one off, if you heat style your hair every day, you will constantly be trying to catch up with the damage.

IDEA #1 - For loose waves, part your hair down the middle, twist your hair in to small buns, at least 3 and allow to air dry. Can you sleep overnight with them if you wish. Undo the buns and let your fingers break up the curl. Brushing at this point will just generate frizz.

IDEA #2 - if you already have wavy or curly hair, use this method to train your curls to sit in ringlets. Wash, condition, add leave in and towel dry to 50-70% dry only. Divide hair in to multiple sections and twist your hair like ropes, away from your face. You will get tighter curls the more 'ropes' you make. Leave twisted until dry and then gently shake out. Apply a styling cream or gel to help hold. Don't brush or you will add frizz.