Which Andalou Naturals SPF BB CC is right for you?


These products are no longer available. We have a wide selection of BB Cream & CC Cream available in store. Our favourite premium picks are the BB Cream from Inika and the City CC Cream with SPF 15 from Madara. For the best sunscreen coverage possible, we recommend the use of the Simple As That Sunscreen as a primer base with a suitable BB or CC placed over it.

Here at Shop Naturally, we are the champion of the no fuss natural skin care and natural makeup routine. We know busy women on a budget. We ARE busy women on a budget. We know you want safe & effective products that are simple and quick to apply that just work. Andalou Naturals have a skin care regime that does just that. This month we are adding their Skin Brightening range to our store. As we add new products, we'll give you a run down and compare them to other products in the range. We just knew we had to start with the new Brightening BB Cream.

What is a BB Cream or a CC Cream?

They are both a substitute for a liquid foundation. They provide a sheer colour that suits most skin types and you can think of them as a slight airbrushing of your flaws while letting your natural skin tone shine through. If you're not a fan of the full foundation coverage, but you want to even out your skin tone, think of switching to a natural BB or CC Cream. The Andalou Naturals range has a BB Cream in their Age Defying range, a BB Cream in their Skin Brightening range and a CC Cream in the Sensitive Skin Care range. As the CC Cream provides just a little more colour coverage, this one is available in two shades. The NUDE is by far the most popular, but those with a darker skin tone or olive skin will suit the TAN shade.

SPF Sun Protection too

Each of these BB and CC Creams has an added bonus not found in most BB Creams or liquid foundations. They double as a natural sunscreen and have an SPF30 approval rating. For those who have an issue with the pasty look that can come with zinc based sunscreens for the face, all three of these formulas can be thought of as a tinted sunscreen. While they're not waterproof for swimming, if you're busy lifestyle has you in and out of cars and meetings, you'll want to protect your skin from sun damage.

What's the difference between the three products?

While each of the three creams from Andalou Naturals have the SPF30 in common and a tint in common, when it comes to their skin care ingredients, each one has a different formulation targeted to different skin needs. Below is a short summary of each. Click through to the products for more in depth information.

Andalou Naturals Age Defying BB Cream with SPF 30 - $24.95

The Age Defying range is formulated for dry, aging or mature skin. Resveratrol (the antioxidants you find in red wine) and Coenzyme Q10 are an antioxidant powerhouse to help stop wrinkles forming, slow down cell damage and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. The inclusion of Rosehip Oil in the formula helps to hydrate dry and thirsty skin and regenerate the skin.

Andalou Naturals Skin Brightening BB Cream with SPF 30 - $24.95

The Skin Brightening range is formulated for normal & combination skin. For those with an uneven skin tone, pigmentation issues, dark spots or sun damage, the Vitamin C in this range helps to combat all these issues. Jojoba oil adds nourishment to produce soft and subtle skin.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC Cream (Nude) with SPF30 - $24.95

The 1000 Roses range is formulated for dry, sensitive and reactive skin. The CC Cream provides a mattifying coverage and is available in the NUDE and the TAN shades. CC - aka Colour + Correct, is formulated to even out redness and colour fluctuations in the skin tone. It complements fair complexions and those with pink undertones well. The inclusion of Alpine Rose Stem Cells improves the quality and function of the skin's natural protective barrier, it boosts the regeneration of your epidermal skin layer and increases skin stem cell vitality. The skin soothing ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid, Magnolia Bark, Boswellin and Date Leaf Extracts provide a moisture barrier on your skin to help reduce inflammation and to help lower your skin's sensitivity. The inclusion of pomegranate provides anti-inflammatory protection and strengthens collagen and elastin.

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