Your ultimate guide to picking the perfect natural sunscreen

Natural sunscreen can be hit and miss for so many people. TGA regulations mean we are not allowed to sell and pack off samples, so instead, we lift the lid on all the sunscreen in store and give you the ultimate guide to picking the natural sunscreen that's perfect for you.

Natural sunscreen vs chemical sunscreen - what's the difference?

Put simply, natural sunscreen uses the mineral zinc oxide and it forms a physical barrier on the skin to reflect the sun away from your skin. A chemical sunscreen uses a chemical base that absorbs the harmful rays. Natural sunscreen is more likely to be reef friendly and less likely to cause an allergic reaction. They are, however, more expensive and you do need to take more care when applying them.

The natural sunscreen 'dry to oily' scale for body sunscreen

The biggest complaint about natural sunscreen is that it's either too oily or too drying. It's a very subjective thing. Some people crave the oily products, others want to avoid them. People either have a love or hate relationship with the Wotnot Sunscreen for the body for this reason.

Please note, these are the BODY sunscreens only. The 'made specifically for the face' sunscreens are talked about below.

UV Natural
Wotnot (body)
The old Eco Tan Coconut (which we no longer sell)
Little Urchin
Soleo Organics
SIMPLE AS THAT sits perfectly in the middle and is my #1 pick for many reasons
The NEW Eco By Sonya Rosehip Sunscreen
Eco Sunscreen
Little Innoscents (which we no longer sell)
Natural Instinct
Sun & Earth Natural Zinc Cream*

*note: Sun & Earth is not TGA rated as a sunscreen. It is a 40% zinc cream.

I have sensitive skin

This next piece of information is from us speaking to customers over the years who have trialled the products and given us feedback. It is a very subjective topic and we recommend you patch test on repeated days before applying to the whole body before using any natural sunscreen if you're prone to skin irritation.

WINNER - Simple As That Sunscreen
RUNNER UP - Soleo Organics

We welcome customer feedback on this one and will happily provide more information with new feedback.

Simple As That Sunscreen

I am going swimming

Not every natural sunscreen in the store is rated for water resistance. When we do our testing, one of the things we do is to pour water on the test subject (ie: me!) after application. We recently did this with the new Eco By Sonya Natural Rosehip Sunscreen.


Eco By Sonya Natural Rosehip Sunscreen - 3 hours
Eco Sunscreen - 3 hours
Soleo Organics - 3 hours
UV Natural Sport - 3 hours
Little Urchin - 3 hours
Natural Instinct Invisible - 3 hours
Natural Instinct Kids - 3 hours
Natural Instinct Face - 3 hours
Wotnot Face Sunscreen - 2 hours

The Wotnot Face Sunscreen is new to the store and has a very unique spot in the market as the only moisturising dedicated face sunscreen we've been able to find that's rated as water resistant.

I am vegan

One of the big things people look for in natural sunscreen is water resistance. In natural sunscreen it's usually done with beeswax, which leaves the choices on offer quite narrow. The UV Natural is the only one rated water resistant and vegan, and as you have already read above, it is on the oily side. Simple As That will do nicely for swimming if you apply it thicker and don't mind looking a little 'ghostly' from the white cast from the zinc. Beautiful choices for the face for 'non-swimming' are simple with the range from Andalou Naturals and the tinted sunscreen from Mukti. Hurraw's Lip Balm rounds out the vegan choices.

Face Sunscreen - Luxe to Less

It's not just beach days that require sun protection. If you spend a reasonable amount of time driving or even just sitting outside enjoying the weather while you're having lunch, you're going to want to protect your face. Below is our Luxe to Less list and beside each one, we tell you if they are tinted or untinted and whether they are rated for swimming.

Mukti Tinted Moisturiser | tinted and available in 2 shades, Fair & Medium
Wotnot Anti-Aging Natural Face Sunscreen | untinted & water resistant
Andalou Naturals Clear Skin (for oily skin) | untinted
Andalou Naturals Brightening BB (repair sun damage) | tinted
Andalou Naturals Age Defying BB | tinted
Andalou Naturals CC Cream (for sensitive skin) | tinted in Sheer Nude or Sheer Tan
Simple As That | untinted
Eco Sunscreen Face (also great as a makeup primer) | untinted
Eco By Sonya Rosehip Sunscreen | untinted
* special mention to Sun & Earth 40% Zinc Cream | tinted with no official SPF or water rating

Mukti Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen | Fair or Medium

Tinted Sunscreen for the face

We did touch on this above, but if you're looking specifically for a tinted sunscreen for the face, this is what you have to choose from. The Andalou and Mukti are vegan. There's nothing in here rated for swimming. If you want tinted sunscreen for swimming, grab the Wotnot Anti-Aging and tint it with some mineral makeup powder (we love Inika)
* note: the Sun & Earth is a 40% zinc cream that's not SPF rated or TGA approved


In the true spirit of "we are not here to just endlessly sell you stuff to line our own pockets", I want to point out that EVERY SUNSCREEN ON THIS PAGE IS PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF PROTECTING YOUR LIPS. The three products we have listed here are simply packaged in a petite manner to make it super simple to carry and re-apply.

UV Natural | SPF30+, water resistant, vegan
Hurraw | SPF15, vegan
Sun & Earth | is a 40% zinc cream and not legally called a sunscreen. It has no TGA SPF rating but contains on average, double the active ingredient that the SPF30 sunscreens do

Natural Baby Sunscreen

In our natural sunscreen for babies section, there are two brands who have a slightly different formula for babies and two brands who are so gentle, it's the same sunscreen for everyone.

UV Natural | dedicated baby sunscreen in 2 sizes
ECO Sunscreen | dedicated baby sunscreen
Simple As That | it's gentle enough for babies, your face and your whole body
Wotnot | comes in 2 sizes. It's the same sunscreen in both tubes, the smaller tube is marketed for babies but feel free to buy the larger one for exactly the same thing

UV Natural Baby 150g


How to save money on natural sunscreen

We know that natural sunscreen is more expensive by volume than chemical sunscreen. It is one of the major drawbacks. We have 3 ways you can save money on your purchases with us:-

  1. Opt for the larger tubes. By volume, there's always a saving. You can do this with UV Natural, Wotnot and Eco Sunscreen
  2. Check individual products for discounts and join our mailing list for periodic deals through summer
  3. Include any full priced sunscreen in a $100 full priced Hair, Face & Body spend for 10% off


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