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Troubleshooting the winder on Schmidt's deodorant sticks

If you're reading this, chances are you've had some issues with the winder on your Schmidt's deodorant. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to fix most of the time.

Because your natural deodorant doesn't have any chemical stabilisers and it does travel quite the distance from the USA to get to you, sometimes drastic temperature changes while it's in transit can create an issue with the deodorant 'sticking' to the sides of the tube a little. We have had it happen more frequently with the Bergamot & Lime scent. Perhaps something to do with the essential oils? We're not quite sure why.

Coaxing the deodorant out 101

With the lid on, apply a little pressure to the top of the stick and then press the sides a little too. Remove the cap and turn the winding mechanism at the same time as applying a little upward pressure to the winder at the same time. We have seen them take up to 20 turns to get moving. You will wind and wind and it looks like the winder is going to come off the bottom (thus the upward pressure on it a little) and then the stick starts to move.

It's not uncommon for a natural deodorant stick to have issues winding back down. If this happens to you, the product isn't faulty and it can still be used. Simply push it back down gently with your finger. There is enough give in the height of the lid to leave it wound slightly up and never have the need to actually wind it back down to get the lid on anyway.

We hope this hot tip has helped you out. If you purchased the deodorant from us and it's still causing you issues after trying this, please get in touch.

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