Safety tip metal straws are safer for kids

Over the past couple of years we have hosted many discussions about reusable straws and how suitable they are for people to be drinking from, especially children. The ends on most metal straws are thin and the same thickness as the straw is all the way down. For an adult, this really isn't much of an issue, for children, they can post a serious safety risk. We have had mum's write to us and tell us they've had kids have accidents with them and it's not a pleasant email to read.

For this reason, we added the Klean Kanteen straws to our store quite some time ago with silicone tips. Tips can be lost and chewed, and unfortunately we can't replace them for this brand, but Cheeki have released a new stainless steel straw with a rounded safety tip (see main photo above). If you take the bottom end of the straw, it's the same as every other stainless steel and metal straw on the market, but the end you drink out of is very different. We have road tested many other safety tip straws on the market, but this one is by far the roundest with the largest surface area on the top.

We ALWAYS recommend children be under adult supervision when drinking with a metal straw, but if you choose one with a safety tip, you will be far less likely to have any safety issues. Cheeki sell their 100% metal straws in 2 packs and 4 packs in straight versions and bent versions as well. They are multi coloured so you can allocate one colour to each family member and they will always have their own straw. Each set comes with its own straw cleaner and they can go in the dishwasher. Klean Kanteen sell theirs in 4 packs either with all black tips or a pack with multi-coloured tips. They are only available in bend versions in a 4 pack. The cleaning brush that comes with them is a natural bristle brush and we've had a few complaints that the brush is a little too snug for the straws, but it's easy enough to buy a straw cleaner, the actual silicone tipped straws are one of a kind.

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