Keeping water ice cold all day in glass and plastic bottles too

On a day when the temperature is in the high 30's and it's going to be followed by another one, I started my day early at the beach for a quick stroll and to feel that cool sea breeze before temperatures soar. By 8:30am the carpark is completely full and masses of holiday makers and locals alike are filling up the beach and look like they're set to stay there all day. When the temperature gets to the mid 30's keeping water cool is not an easy task, and staying hydrated is really important.

The simplest way to do this is with an insulated water bottle, but the only real effective way to keep water cool all day is to do it with a stainless steel insulated bottle that has vacuum insulation. For those who would prefer to drink out of glass, or bpa free plastic, you just can't get the insulation from the bottle alone. There is another way though, with the new insulated wine cooler bag from PackIt (pictured above).

We LOVE multi-tasking products here at Shop Naturally, and we stumbled upon this little beauty when we were looking for some more insulated lunch bag options for our Back To School range. While we sat down with every lunch box in our range to see what fits inside each of their lunch bags, we went to our water bottle aisle to see what would fit inside the wine cooler bag. Since the average wine bottle is 750ml, and the product was advertised as fitting bottles up to 1 litre, we thought we would see if they were a little roomier than that, and you'll be pleased to know they are.

What fits inside the PackIt Wine Cooler Bag

  • Anything from our glass water bottle category, including all the Beautiful Beaches bottles in their sleeves and the glass Eddy bottles from Camelbak.
  • Everything from the bpa free water bottle category excluding the 2 litre water bottle and the larger 3.8 litre from Enviro Products
  • All the single wall non-insulated bottles from Klean Kanteen, all the way up to the 64oz bottles. The only things that won't fit are the '2 litre insulated' bottles from Klean Kanteen and Eco Vessel, but neither of those bottles require any help.

When you're not using the bag to keep your water bottle icy cold, the main thing it's used for is to keep wine bottles cold, but it also has a total volume capacity of 3.5 litres and if you have small snack containers, yoghurt, fruit, ice-cream, dips etc to take to a picnic, you can pile them all on top of each other in the wine bottle bag and keep them icy cold.

How does PackIt work?

You place the whole bag in to your freezer for 12 hours. They roll up so they take up less space, so don't worry about them filling your freezer. The front, back and bottom have gel ice pack inserts built in to the bag, so once you take it out of the freezer, it's like 'surround sound' for your food. Depending on the conditions you're using the bags in, you get up to 10 hours insulation. When you're done, be sure to let the bags dry out before storing them away. The bags are easy to hand clean.

Shop the PackIt range

The range also contains a bag to fit virtually ANY lunch box, with all the details and measurements listed on our website.

  • PackIt MINI with a 2 litre capacity
  • PackIt STANDARD size with a 4.7 litre capacity
  • PackIt DELUXE size with a 6.5 litre capacity

And in the traditional 'esky' shapes:-

  • PackIt 9 Can Cooler Bag with 5.7L capacity
  • PackIt 18 Can Cooler Bag with 9 litre capacity


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