What fits inside the Project Ten insulated lunch bag

The insulated lunch bag from Project Ten is not one that you will see in many place, but once we found it, we knew we had to have them in the store. Why? They're a little different than most of the other bags. To start off with, they're made from a sturdy yet budget friendly exterior fabric. If you have ever been to Ikea and carried one of those yellow bags around the store, it's like that. I have staff who have owned these bags for years and they're still standing up to the test of time. Finding a lunch bag under $20 that won't have the handles rip off or the zip break or the lining fall out after a few months is a rare find.

The second reason this is a little different than every other insulated lunch bag in store is because they are longer than most. When we did our photo shoots, we found getting a water bottle in to most lunch bags was difficult. Not everyone wants to carry their water bottle inside, but many mums like to pack everything in one bag, so this is now an option. Even the wider than normal bottles from Camelbak will comfortably fit inside this bag with a wrap.

pictured with 30cm ruler


What lunch boxes fit inside?

    fits – The Everyday / Double Stacker / Hungry Max
    fits – Snack Boxes
    fits – 970ml Rectangular / 1730ml Rectangular / anything smaller than these two
    fits – the medium size only
  • GREEN ESSENTIALS – ALL except the Round Double and Round Triple
    fits – Sustain-A-Bento / Tuck-A-Stacker / Sustain-A-Stacker / Munch Pot / Round Bento in the Mini Duo only
    fits – Classic 600ml / Bento 960ml / Clicks in 750ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre / Deep Duo
    fits - Bento Box
    fits - Bento Box
    fits – To-Go Medium / To-Go Large

The great thing about this bag is it has one of the longer lists for what fits inside it. It will take anything from the Lunchbots range and all of our bento box choices with the exception of the large Go Green which will only fit inside the special bag designed for it because it's so long. Visit the lunch box category in our store to take a look at any of these boxes to see which one suits your needs the best. If you already have a lunch box at home, the external dimensions for the bag are 10cm high x 30cm wide x 19cm deep.

Looking for something else?

If you have any more questions after this, please let us know. We’re always here to help.

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