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What fits inside the Fridge-To-Go Small Lunch Bag?

This season has seen the new addition of the Fridge To Go insulated lunch bags in our store. They have superior insulation over other insulated lunch bags and are extremely sturdy in construction. While there's no shortage of cheap lunch bags around at this time of the year (many for under $10), there are serious food safety and hygiene issues at risk when you're sending your child to school with food, especially in warmer climates.

The Fridge To Go lunch bags all come with their own ice pack, and the bags are padded to protect and insulate your food for up to 8 hours. The ice packs are all encased in a zip closure pocket so they won't sweat liquid on to the contents of your lunch bag and make everything wet.

This blog post features the Fridge To Go SMALL sized lunch bag, which is best suited to smaller kids. It's available in 4 colours (black, pacific bluc, pink and red) and extra ice packs are also available to purchase. To help you decide whether the small Fridge To Go is the right size for you, we filled it up with goodies so you can see exactly what fits inside.


As you can see, there's room for a Lunchbots Classic size lunch box, a small drink, 3 snack bars and a set of bamboo cutlery. Of course, you don't need to use this combination, but you'll have a much better idea on what will go in it now that you've seen a photo!

The inner dimensions of this lunch bag (with the ice pack stowed inside already) is 18.5 x 19.5cm 6cm. It's almost square in shape, but not quite. If this isn't quite big enough, the medium size is more rectangular shaped at 20cm x 23cm x 6cm and can fit more inside it.

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