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Camelbak Eddy water bottle size comparison

Last week we had a customer interested in knowing what the size difference is in all of the Eddy water bottles in the Camelbak range. We decided this was the perfect time to line them up for a photoshoot and give you a little more information about the bottles.

Sizes & Measurements

The Camelbak Eddy is available in 4 different sizes. Lined up from left to right they are 400ml, 600ml, 750ml and 1 litre. Unlike the Klean Kanteen water bottles which share a common diameter across a few of the different sizes, these are all a little different.

  • 400ml
    Diameter 7cm - fairly consistent the entire height up the bottle
    Height 17.5cm
  • 600ml
    Diameter 6.6cm - gets marginally wider around the middle of the bottle
    Height 23.5cm
  • 750ml
    Diameter 7.7cm - and gets thinner towards the top of the bottle
    Height 25cm
  • 1 litre
    Diameter 9cm - and gets thinner towards the top of the bottle
    Height 25cm

For those looking to stick their water bottle in to a car cup holder, the 600ml is probably your best option as most car cup holders max out somewhere between 7cm and 7.5cm (but you do need to measure yours. The 750ml and 1 litre are both the same height, so if you're trying to put it inside one of our insulated lunch bags standing up, you'll just squeeze it inside the super roomy ArtBird retro lunch bags. Check for measurements on everything else.

About the Eddy mouthpiece

The Eddy bottle from Camelbak uses the same Bite Valve technology used in their hydration back packs. The bite valve supplies spillproof hydration, making them a perfect choice for kids in the backseat of cars or anyone who needs a drink bottle somewhere they may knock it over. Many people with disabilities and troubles using their hands them too because you can start and stop drinking with just your mouth and if you tip if over when the bite valve is in the upright position (as pictured), water won't come spilling out.

The bite valve is made from food grade silicone and works like this - a slit in the top of the valve is pressed closed when you're not using the bottle. When you bite on the valve, the slit opens up and you can drink from it. As soon as you release your bite, the slit automatically closes again. The bite valves are a consumable item and replacements are readily available. There is a different design to the bite valve on the kids 400ml bottle as a safety measure. The 600ml, 750ml and 1 litre bottles all have the valve replacement from the top, meaning it can be a choking hazard for small children. On the 400ml bottle, the valve has to be put on from the underside of the lid so there is no way to remove it without unscrewing the lid.

About the Camelbak Eddy bottle

The bottles are made from bpa free Tritan Eastman copolyester plastic. It is a hard plastic and is relatively durable. For many kids, it's a more durable option than stainess steel because it is easier to dent a stainless steel bottle by dropping it than it is to crack a Camelbak Tritan bottle. They are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, but not accidental breakage, so while your child can no doubt drop kick it about a bit without any issue, this isn't covered under the warranty. The bottle is dishwasher safe, the lid should be washed by hand, although we don't advise the washing of any plastic in the dishwasher. If you really want to, visit our natural cleaning products category for natural versions of dishwasher powder, tablets and dishwashing liquid to protect your bottle for as long as you can.

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