Natural Deodorant Cream & Paste

In the last decade, formulators of natural deodorant discovered the power in bi-carb soda as an effective odour reduction ingredient, and natural deodorant paste was born. In Australia, the pioneers were Black Chicken Remedies with their Axilla Paste. We were one of the original handful of stockists and then it became so popular that they were unable to keep up with demand. After a few years without it, Axilla Paste is back in store along with a small, carefully curated range from Woohoo! Body (Australian) and Schmidts, pioneers in this space from the USA.

It was soon discovered that bi-carb soda can be a skin irritant to some. We carefully road tested several brand and only stock those who we feel got the balance right. Even for those who are ultra sensitive, both Black Chicken and Woohoo released bi-carb free versions of their natural deodorant. Look out for Axilla Barrier Boost and Woohoo Mellow. Barrier boost still uses a blend of essential oils to help fight odour, Woohoo Mellow is unscented and is free from essential oils.


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