Bi-Carb Free Natural Deodorant

For those who have tried a natural deodorant and given up due to skin irritation or still stinking, please don't give up just yet. There are quality bicarb free natural deodorants on the market that really do work. For some, going through an Armpit Detox is all that's needed. For others, using bi-carb soda in the skin is a permanent skin irritant. There are plenty of effective natural deodorant choices on the market without the use of bi-carb soda. Woohoo Body has their Mellow paste which is also free from any essential oils, so there's no irritation to sensitive noses either. Barrier Boost from Black Chicken Remedies is also very popular along with sensitive sticks from Schmidts and Crystal deodorants.

How do these bi-carb free deodorants work? Many of them will use magnesium oil, in fact,  you can apply the roll-on magnesium oil from Amazing Oils to your pits directly for effective odour control. If you have one in your gym bag and you forgot your deodorant, it's a great tip (hand sanitiser also does the trick).


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