Zero Waste Reusable Bread Bags

Whether you're ducking out to the shops to get a fresh loaf from the baker or making a loaf at home, storing and transporting bread more often than not contains a single use plastic bag. It doesn't have to. We have two different style bread bags in store from our friends at Onya and 4myearth

The Onya Bread Bag is not quite like anything else we've seen, so we took them straight in to our photo studio when they arrived to showcase them perfectly for you.

It's leakproof and prevents freezer burn

Made from the same recycled PET water bottles fabric as the Onya Produce Bags are, the Onya Bread Bag is 2 layers of fabric. Far thicker than a single plastic bag, Onya advertise that is stops freezer burn and will keep bread in good condition in the freezer for up to 3 months. Only new this week, we haven't had a chance to test drive this ourselves, but we're confident that Onya's testing does this, or at the very minimum, stops a good amount of it.

The roll top closure (shown above) means that you can just keep rolling and rolling before you close so there's the smallest amount of air inside the bread bag as possible. This also serves as a handle and makes this bread bag a carry bag as well. No need for a shopping bag if you're just ducking in to grab that.

In the photo above, you can see we're carrying the bag and there is a full size Block Loaf from Bakers Delight in the bag. It's the same loaf you see poking out in the other photos further up the page. There's still some wiggle room for something a little bigger if necessary.

It's recyclable at end of life

This bag will last you for years and years. You should only ever have to buy it once. If you do happen to stop using it and you want to repurpose it, it makes a great 'wet bag' for kids swimmers or to store your natural shampoo or favourite bottle of Dr Bronner if you're travelling. Pop your natural toothpaste in there too and anything else you think might leak. There's nothing worse than a squished bottle of something leaking through luggage.

If you literally want to say goodbye to it, each component is recyclable if you take the time to pull it apart. The original cardboard box packaging that the bread bag comes in is made from post consumer recycled cardboard and printed with water based ink so you can put it in your compost.

The bags retail for $19.95


4myearth cotton bread bags

Made from cotton with a bio-degradable lining, the 4myearth bread bag is a simple rectangular bag with a zip closure. Made from the same fabric as the sandwich wraps, bags and food covers (you know, the ones that look like shower caps), they are super roomy and versatile. At end of life, you can remove the zipper and bury it with your compost.

They are available in a wider variety of designs and also come in a half sized Food Bag and a smaller Sandwich Bag with a Velcro closure.


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