Why the staff love the Camelbak Chute bottle

Last week we were looking around the warehouse for some products to share on our Instagram page, and we decided to start looking at products the staff were actually using rather than what was sitting on the shelves. We instantly thought of the Chute bottle from Camelbak. Why? Not only do I always have one on my desk and in my car, but my warehouse manager also had 2 at the warehouse full of water. We lined 3 of them up in our photo booth and took a photo (above). As you can see, they all have water in them, the one on the left has a little condensation on it from the fridge and the one on the right needed filling up, but we thought "hey, adds to the authenticity" so we left it alone.

Here's some helpful pieces of information to help you decide if you want the Chute in your water bottles cupboard at home.


The Camelbak Chute comes in 3 sizes, 1 litre, 750ml and 600ml and the actual bottles are the same size (outer measurements) and volume as the Camelbak Eddy bottles, and you can mix & match lids with them if you own multiple bottles.

In the photograph, the 1 litre is on the left, the 750ml is the pink bottle in the middle and the 600ml is the bottle on the right. While there isn't much of a difference in liquid volume between the 750ml and the 600ml there is in shape, and it is for this reason that some people choose the 600ml bottle over the 750ml. Keep reading below to find out why.


You will notice from the photo that the bottle on the right, the 600ml bottle is straight up and down. The others are wider on the bottom and tapered towards the lid (the width of the lid is the same on ALL three bottles). This makes the diameter of the 600ml bottle smaller than the rest and allows it to fit in virtually all car cup holders. While the 750ml bottle will fit in the cup holders of many cars, it can be too wide for some. Below is the diameter of each bottle so you can check the size for yourself.

  • 600ml Camelbak Chute diameter = 6.5cm
  • 750ml Camelbak Chute diameter = 7.6cm
  • 1 litre Camelbak Chute diameter = 8.8cm

Check your car cup holder size to see if you a limited to the 600ml size or whether you can step up to the 750ml.


The Camelbak Chute bottle is made from tough and almost unbreakable Tritan Eastman bpa free plastic. Staff have bumped, knocked and dropped these bottles. While they get a few scratches on them, we're yet to see a breakage. For some, like myself, stainless steel water bottles are too heavy, so this is an excellent alternative. At the other end of the spectrum, a glass water bottle may not be a good choice because it's fragile, so again, bpa free plastic is a great alternative. It doesn't leach plastic taste in to your water like cloudy #5 polypropylene can.


It is impossible to lose the lid on a Camelbak Chute. Why?

#1 - the small screw part of the lid is attached to the lid with a coloured plastic loop. It's not going anywhere (see blue plastic in photo below). The screw cap neatly tucks in to the carry loop when you're drinking so it stays out of your way. When I have the Chute sitting on my desk, it's permanently clipped in (like you see in the pink bottle in the photo at the top). When I'm transporting it, I will screw it back on to the bottle like you see in the purple bottles (above).

#2 - the wide mouth portion of the lid is attached to the bottle too (see blue plastic in the photo below). It takes a reasonable amount of effort to totally pull that blue plastic ring off, so that lid is staying safe. The wide mouth opening you see below is great for filling and cleaning and adding ice cubes. To keep your drink cooler for longer, put ice cubes in and either put it in an insulated water bottle cover or an insulated lunch bag.



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