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The Whole Boodies extend their natural deodorant range

The Whole Boodies is a vegan-friendly Australian brand of natural body and hair care products. They are formulated with a combination of natural and organic ingredients that give great performance and value. With a selection of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, deodorant and dental care products, they are a family friendly choice with scents the whole family will love.

The natural deodorant is actually ACO certified organic in The Whole Boodies range and is a traditional roll-on. For many family members who are just dipping their toes in to the natural world, the thought of dipping fingers in to a paste and rubbing under the pits isn't always desirable. As a family friendly brand, the deodorants have kept traditional packaging and delivery.

What's in The Whole Boodies Organic Deodorant?

Each deodorant in the brand is started with a base of organic aloe juice for soothing the skin. They then use water, organic ethanol, xantham gum, bi-carb soda and a combination of essential oils.

Did you know that organic ethanol helps to combat odour? It's the same quality ethanol that's used in our natural hand sanitiser products, which you can also use as a natural deodorant in a pinch. We have been telling people for years now that if you're travelling or you're out and about and you start to smell a bit, if you happen to have a bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag, you can give your pits a squirt. The actual inhibits bacteria growth, and it's the bacteria that makes your pits smell.

Did you know that bi-carb soda is often used in roll-ons for odour control? Many people think it's an ingredient exclusive to a deodorant paste, but it is often diluted in liquid and used in roll-ons too. If you have a sensitivity to bi-carb (it can be a skin irritant), please patch test this brand before using on both pits every day.

The 5 fragrances in The Whole Boodies Organic Deodorant

  1. Zesty (original release)
  2. Vanilla (original release)
  3. Lavender (original release)
  4. Rose (new in 2020)
  5. Pomegranate (new in 2020)

Like all natural deodorants, they are aluminium free. Aluminium is used in an anti-perspirant to block pores and stop you from sweating. The role of a natural deodorant is to allow the body to sweat (and therefore detox) naturally and the deodorant is there to kill the bacteria in your sweat which causes the smell.


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