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New Lunchbots Bentos with coloured lids

Lunchbots is our favourite stainless steel lunch box range in store. They come in two different sizes, the original Classic size at approx. 600ml volume and the larger Bento size which is just under 1 litre in size. Up until recently, the Bento size has only been available in the plain stainless steel colour, but this week we received our first shipment of the new coloured Bento series.

What colours are available?

While there are many colour options in the USA, in Australia, we have been limited to two colours in the Trio bento configuration and two colours in the Cinco bento configuration. From bottom to top (pictured above) they are:-

  • Lunchbots Bento Trio in Lime Green
  • Lunchbots Bento Trio in Royal Purple
  • Lunchbots Bento Cinco in Pink
  • Lunchbots Bento Cinco in Navy Blue

The coloured lids snap on and snap off and are compatible with any existing plain Bento size Lunchbots that you may already have at home. When the plastic clip on lids are removed, the whole bento box is dishwasher safe, however, it's not recommended (or necessary) to remove it every time you use the lunch box. Simply wash the lid by hand with a natural dishwashing liquid and pop the bottom section of your lunchbox in the dishwasher as often as you wish.

Are they leakproof?

No, the regular Classic and Bento lunch boxes from Lunchbots are not leakproof. They do have a snug lid, but they're not designed to be storing liquids. Don't worry, if you're carrying dressing or sauces, the Lunchbots Dips fit right inside any compartment of any Bento sized Lunchbots.

The Lunchbots Rounds are a larger round snack pot (available in two sizes) and these are leakproof along with the Lunchbots Thermals which is their insulated food jar.

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