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NEW: Ice Blue essential oil blend from doTERRA

We're in full swing in March now to get the rest of the doTERRA essential oils on to our store with quality information to ensure you're choosing the correct oil and using it safely. The next oil we have added is called doTERRA Ice Blue. This oil blend is a natural alternative to products like Dencorub, Voltaren and other commercial rubs for sore and inflamed muscles.

Ice Blue (or the doTERRA American name, Deep Blue) is available both as an oil blend, which is what we have added in to our store and also as a rub in a tube, like Dencorub or Voltaren. The oil blend is pure oils, the rub is a diluted version of the oils in a rub on formula. Depending on how you prefer to apply, you can either use the rub or dilute the pure oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil prior to application.

doTERRA Ice Blue is a combination of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, helicrysum and osmanthis. This oil blend is a cooling blend, and when applied to aching muscles, you feel everything cool down. The essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties and we have road tested this oil blend in house and it works really well. Our own in-house tests showed noticeable positive results after just a few minutes of application.

To use, dilute in a carrier oil and rub in to the affected areas, legs, shoulders etc. As with any cooling product like this, be careful not to touch your nose, eyes or other sensitive areas of your body while the oil is still fresh on your hands. You can either choose to make up a diluted solution in a roller bottle or simple pop some coconut oil on to your hands and add a couple of drops and then mix on your hands before rubbing in.

We advise caution with pregnant women, and if you intend using this on a regular basis, you may develop skin sensitivities, so it's best to be kept as a first aid option when you have injured yourself or you've over-exerted yourself and your muscles are sore.

This oil blend can be boosted with Frankincense if necessary. Shop Naturally is an official doTERRA Australia stockist.



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