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The new Camelbak Chute Mag

The Camelbak Chute Mag collection, released in 2018 season is a newly designed lid, making some improvements on the original Camelbak Chute water bottle. Both the Chute and the Eddy water bottles share a universal thread size within the full Camelbak Water Bottles range, so you can swap lids if you already own one.

Chute is the screw lid that allows you to simply unscrew a lid and pour. There were 2 minor design issues with the first generation lid that have been fixed in the 2.0 version of the lid. The Chute lid has always been designed so the cap won't come off and get lost, so it has to tuck in to the lid somewhere to stay out of the way while you're drinking. The tucking away of the lid was a little fiddly in the first version and some customers complained that it would hit their nose while they were drinking. The lid is now held in place with a magnet when it's unscrewed, thus the new Mag name.

The second issues was when the lid was screwed on, if the thread was a little crooked as you started to screw, the lid would not be leakproof. It rarely happened, but if it did, it was annoying. It was easy enough to combat by simply turning the lid counter clockwise a little before then turning it clockwise to put back on the bottle, but it was fiddly, and it has now been fixed.

If you visit our water bottle category, you will currently find a mixture of original Chute and the new Chute Mag in store. The original bottles are now on sale to clear. In our store, sizes start from 750ml through to 1.2 litres in the insulated bottle. You will find these and all our larger drink bottles in the 1 litre water bottles and 2 litre water bottles. Unfortunately Camelbak don't have anything in the 2 litre capacity, but we do have other brands that will carry your daily water allowance in the one drink bottle. Having a large 2L bottle saves you having to carry around a water filter jug to top up smaller bottles throughout the day.

For anyone who already owns an Eddy or a Chute bottle and wants the new lid, we will be getting the Chute Mag lid as a standalone purchase in our next delivery.

See the Chute Mag lid in action in this video (including cleaning instructions)

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