How to care for your Lunchbots Classic Dot Lids

When we start our store way back in 2009, Lunchbots were the first stainless steel lunch boxes we ever sold. Despite their premium price tag and more budget friendly options being available on the market, to this day, they are still a popular industry leader and a staple for many Aussie mums. In 2015, the coloured lids on the Lunchbots range converted from painted lids to these colourful plastic clip-ons.

In the USA, you can buy the clip-ons singly and add them to any lunch box you like. In Australia, there is a limited number of colour options available. In the bento box range, we do stock the full array of Lunchbots available in Australia here.

Caring for the Lunchbots Clip On Lids

The base of your Lunchbots Bento Box is 100% stainless steel and nothing else. It can go in the dishwasher. When the lid has the clip-on attached, it is advised to hand wash the lid. If you want to put the lid in the dishwasher, you can remove the clip on lid and place just the stainless steel portion in the dishwasher and hand wash the plastic clip on. We advise that you leave it in place and wash it by hand. While you can remove it from time to time, the design is not ideally suited to repeated removal and replacing. They are very snug fit, designed this way so they don't easily fall off. Repeated removal may cause the lid to loosen or even crack.

Any damage caused to the clip on lid as a result of daily removal for washing is classed as wear and tear and not covered under the warranty of the product. No plastic touches your food, it's merely colourful decoration for the outer. There is no need to place the lid in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Protecting the Lunch Box in transit

For the integrity of the food inside the lunch box, it is always advised to place your bento box inside an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack. They will be a much more snug fit and less likely to roll around a school bag, get scratched, dented or the lid fall off and ruin school books or electronics.




The Fridge To Go medium range will take the Small, Medium and Large bentos from Lunchbots. They have internal ice packs that say in their own compartments inside the bag and don't sweat on to the contents of your lunch bag like regular ice packs do. There's plenty of room for the lunch box and some accessories depending on what size you choose. We provide measurements for all our lunch bags and lunch boxes, and for most insulated lunch bags, we have a series of photos with them packed so you can get a good visual representation of what is going to fit inside.


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