Lifetime warranty on Klean Kanteen Water Bottles

Klean Kanteen Lifetime Warranty

kleankanteen_warranty_durablegoodKlean Kanteen were the first stainless steel water bottle to be manufactured. They still hold themselves to the high standard that they started off with and offer a Lifetime Warranty on their products against manufacturing defects. To this date, and we've been selling them since 2009, we have never had a warranty issue with a bottle. We have had a handful of warranty issues with lids, and all have been promptly replaced at no charge to the customer.

What's covered under the Klean Kanteen Lifetime Warranty?

  • Rough or split welding down the seam of the bottle
  • Pinhole leaks from the welding down the seam of the bottle
  • Large areas of paint that easily peels off

What's not covered under the Klean Kanteen Lifetime Warranty?

  • Paint chipping or peeling due to normal wear & tear
  • Damage from the bottle being dropped
  • Wear & tear on plastic lids (replacements are all available to purchase)

We know customers who have purchased budget stainless steel water bottles, dropped them and had them crack and then complain about the quality. When we recommend they replace them with a Klean Kanteen, we never hear from them again. We have also kept in touch with family, friends & regular customers who all own these bottles and when they've been dropped, they've survived very well, albeit with a couple of scratches or a small dent, but still in perfect condition to hold water without them leaking.

You can read more about the Klean Kanteen warranty on their official website here >

For those looking for a stainless steel drink bottle and have kids (and adults) who are prone to dropping things and knocking them about, KLEAN KANTEEN ARE OUR #1 CHOICE FOR A DURABLE WATER BOTTLE.


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