Introducing the glass bento box from Glasslock

Earlier this year we bought you a glass lunch box with a difference from Kilner, it was the first glass lunch box in store to have a glass lid. Today, we're bringing you another first, a glass bento box from Glasslock.

Glasslock Duo Bento Boxes

These are so new we haven't had the opportunity to take them in to our photo studio yet to show you then in action. Our first lot of stock sold out in under 24 hours. Now they're back, we want to give you a rundown on the features of this bento box.


There are two bentos in the range - a 670ml capacity which is around the standard size for the average lunch box + a 1 litre for a larger capacity. The dimensions side by side for comparison are:-

  • 670ml - 14.8cm x 9.9cm x 4.3cm
  • 1 litre - 19cm x 14.1cm x 5.5cm

They don't have the same footprint to stack on top of each other, instead, they hold a similar ratio as each other. They are not nestable either because of the bento compartment.


The bento split in the box is done with glass and it's not removable. In both sizes it sits at an approx 2/3 to 1/3 split for the size. The bento divider does not reach to the top of the container and the lid does not have a groove in it to make each compartment leakproof in its own right.


It's a 'most places except an oven' situation. One of the best places to use this is to take to work and reheat food in the microwave if you are inclined to do that. It's the one thing you really can't do in a stainless steel lunch box, and for those who take leftovers to work, using a stainless steel lunch box means you need to put it on a plate and then cover it to reheat. By using a glass bento box that's suitable for the microwave, you can just unclip the lid, up-end it so there's no chance it will form a perfect air-tight seal in the microwave and then cook.

You can also use these in the fridge and freezer. When freezing anything in glass, don't completely fill. If you can, allow the food to freeze before sealing the lid and when you remove it from the freezer, give it a few minutes before you open the clips. Do not run a frozen glass container under hot water or it will crack. Start with tepid water and increase gradually or defrost in the microwave.


Like the regular glass storage containers from Glasslock, these also have a silicone seal around the lid that creates an air-tight seal and is held in place with locking clips. The container as a whole is leakproof, but the compartments are not completely sealed off from each other.

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