Introducing the Cheeki Kids Water Bottle range

Since we launched our business way back in 1999, the same year that Cheeki did, we have become experts in helping people choose the right water bottle to suit their needs. It might seem like a pretty simple decision to make, but the best water bottle has features and lid choices that others just don't have. It is this innovation that made us decide to narrow our choices in store and to work with the brands that provide real innovation with their lids, design and quality. The new kids range of water bottles from Cheeki have an amazing lid that takes them from 'Sippy Bottle' stage through to school.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulation

Back in the early days, the original kids bottles from Cheeki were not insulated and they had a simple pop up sports cap lid on them, so they weren't suitable for the real little kids. The new range of kids water bottles from Cheeki are a stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle, providing cold insulation for up to 6 hours. Pop their water in ice cold in the morning and you'll get through most of the day. When choosing any insulated water bottle, the larger the bottle, the longer the manufacturer can get them to insulate for. While this 400ml kids bottle insulates for up to 6 hours, the 1 litre bottle in the Cheeki range insulates up to 24 hours cold.

Bumper Base

What's the one thing your kid is guaranteed to do with their new water bottle? They're going to drop it. Dropping any stainless steel water bottle will put a dent in it, regardless of the brand. If it's a good quality brand like Cheeki, you're more than likely just going to get a small dent and no leak. With an insulated bottle though, the chances of popping the vacuum and the bottle not insulating any more is a real possibility. Plenty of adults drop bottles too, so we love the protection on this range. A soft silicone bumper is on the base of every kids water bottle from Cheeki to provide protection against bumps. This makes the bottles a lot more sturdy and since most of the damage to a bottle will be done at the base when it's dropped, the most fragile part of the bottle is protected. The bumper base can be removed, but it sits on snugly and there's really no need to take it off unless you're washing the whole thing in the sink and water gets underneath.

The Cheeki Active Sports Cap ..... but not as you know it

If there's one thing that's going to make or break a drink bottle recommendation from us, it's the sports lid.

The first thing they've done (and we are saving the best for last) is to add a carry loop on to the lid. This feature isn't available on the black adult Active Sports Lids. It just makes it easier to clip it to a lunch bag or a school bag if you want to. Your kid can also carry the bottle with this loop if they can't get one hand around the whole bottle.

The second feature is the addition of a drinking straw. This is particularly helpful for really little ones who are using this in a Sippy Cup style with the lower flow. Most water bottles require you to tip the bottle up and tilt your head back a little when you drink. By adding a drinking straw to the kids Active Cap, this is not necessary.

The straw can be removed and the lid still functions just like the adult lids do, to lift the bottle up to drink.

Like the original adult version of the Active Sports Cap, this lid is 100% leakproof in the OFF position. The lid has three flow options available for a light, medium or heavy flow of water. As indicated in the picture above, there are grooves in both pieces of the lid and the pink section twists around to set the water flow. For younger children, we recommend the LIGHT FLOW only. For older children, depending on their thirst, give the MEDIUM FLOW and HEAVY FLOW a test drive and see what suit you the best.

There is nothing like this lid on the market and it's what makes these bottles stand out from the crowd.

Customise your bottle

As well as the super cute characters on the bottles, each bottle comes with a set of stickers to further customise the bottle. As you can see from the bottom on the top of the page, there's just one dolphin on the bottle. This one has some friends. Each bottle has a sticker page that matches the character and colour scheme of the bottle.

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