Good Riddance Mosquito Repellent arrives

Good Riddance is an Australian made and owned, DEET free, APVMA registered natural mosquito repellent that's safe to use on everyone, including a sensitive option for pregnant women and babies. Most of the products in the Australian market are sprays. Good Riddance is a cream base, rich with shea butter and beeswax. Why the difference? Natural insect repellents are powered by essential oils in Australia. In liquid sprays, they evaporate quicker and need re-applying on a more frequent basis.

In 2018 they went through the lengthy process of having the range registered with the APVMA, which ensures not only that it's safe, but that the products are shelf stable and they actually work. Both the Tropical and the Sensitive range have been approved for sale as registered insect repellents. In Australia, you can't call a product an insect repellent unless it has gone through this process. The range was developed in conjunction with fishermen in the Top End of Australia, giving the range the ultimate test on people in extreme circumstances.

Good Riddance Tropical

Tropical is a light and nourishing lotion available in 3 sizes, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml pump for families. While it contains beeswax in the lotion, all the actives are plant based essential oils and smell of a vibrant citrus with woody undertones and Australian natives. Before the APVMA registration, this product was called Tropical Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse if you're just coming back to the brand.

As well as the lotion, Tropical is available in 2 other forms - a soy based candle that can burn up to 40 hours and the essential oil blend on its own. The essential oil blend can be used in diffusers and oil burners, or for vegans, can be diluted in to a vegan oil or cream base to a maximum of 2.5%. Please note: the candle and our homemade vegan substitute idea are not registered with the APVMA as an insect repellent.

Good Riddance Sensitive

Sensitive is one of Australia's only sandfly, midge and mozzie repellent for babies over 3 months, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin. It's citronella free and uses a different blend of essential oils that are safe for babies, mums to be and those with sensitivities. It smells of a sweet floral aroma with herbaceous base notes and a little hint of vanilla.

Good Riddance Rescue Balm

This one is going through a packaging change. Not formulated to repel, rescue balm is formulated to soothe any insect bites that may still come your way. It can also be used for cuts, scrapes and minor skin irritations and it's packed with Vitamin E for skin repair. The essential oils include lavender, tea tree, peppermint, close and rosemary. The lavender and tea tree are a natural antiseptic which peppermint helps to cool the sting of a bite, clove helps to numb it and rosemary helps to reduce irritation.

Non-disclosed Ingredients

It's very unusual for us to stock products where we don't disclose all the ingredients. We have for Good Riddance. Why? We know that the products are all natural. The reason for the non-disclosure of ingredients is to protect intellectual propertly. This isn't just another natural skin care product. It's a carefully formulated repellent that is registered. A lot of time and money has gone in to the formula and we understand the brands need to protect their investment. If you have any specific allergy concerns, we can get those answered for you.

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