Glass Water Bottle Comparison - Sol vs Camelbak

The Sol Water Bottle (only made in glass) and the glass version of the Camelbak Water Bottle (also made in bpa free tritan and stainless steel) couldn't be more different from each other. About the only thing they have in common is that they are made from glass. Today we explain the differences between the two so you can decide which glass water bottle is right for you.

What kind of glass are they made from?

The Sol Water Bottle is made from borosilicate glass which is the same heat resistant glass used to make glass ovenware. It allows the the glass to be thinner but still as strong as regular glass, so it makes the bottle more lightweight. This also makes it suitable to carry hot liquids in.

The Camelbak Glass Water Bottle is made from regular soda lime glass, so it's heavier to keep the strength up.

What features does the lid have?

These bottles could not be more different when it comes to the lids. The Sol Water Bottle has a narrow mouth spout, but it's still plenty big enough to get a bottle brush in to and it's easy enough to drink from. It has a simple screw cap and the underside of the cap is stainless steel. The big benefit of this lid is that you can carry water around in a hot car and there isn't any plastic touching your water. There is plastic in the thread that holds it on to the bottle, but it's not touching your drinking water.

The Camelbak bottle has the innovative bite valve that's on their hydration packs and water bottles. It makes for hands free drinking once the bite valve is in the upright position and if you accidentally knock it over, it's spillproof. There is a bpa free plastic straw inside the bottle and a plastic lid and silicone bite valve. The bite valves & straws are a consumable item and replacements are available to purchase. The Camelbak bottles with the bite valves are particularly great for anyone with a disability and who struggle to use their hands.


The Sol bottle comes with a cleaning brush and a carry bag. The lid shouldn't ever need to be replaced as it's not something you have your mouth on at any stage. The bottle brush is perfectly sized to reach to the bottom of the bottle. The Camelbak bottle comes as you see it. The bite valve and straw should be replaced periodically and are readily available. You can also buy a new lid if you need to or swap it for the Camelbak Chute Lid, they're all interchangable between the Eddy and the Chute bottle series.


Sol is 850ml capacity
Camelbak is 700ml capacity

We have not been able to find a 1 litre water bottle made from glass that we're happy with. The 850ml from Sol comes close and is just 150ml short of the 1 litre size.

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With 8 colours in the Sol and 4 colours in the Camelbak, you're bound to find the right colour and features for your needs.

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